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Untold story of JFK Jr and his mother Jackie ‘O’

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WITH so much on my mind, I can hardly hold my attention on any book but this riveting read, ‘The Good Son: JFK Jr and the Mother He Loved’ got me hooked for longer than most I finished recently. It is another expose on the lives of the famous Kennedys.

I’m not exactly sure if it was the outstanding writing but I’m pretty sure what got me so engrossed was the personal details of everybody’s favourite — Kennedys. I was already obsessed with the JFK assassination and soon my obsession grew with America’s Camelot, the Kennedys, especially that of the Bouvier-Kennedy clans as I updated myself more about their lives.

John F. Kennedy was one of the youngest presidents in US history. His charm, good looks and savvy political style won American hearts… which also cluttered him with enemies. Three years into office as the 35th president, he was assassinated in 1963 during his trip in Dallas, with a young wife by his side who took the brunt of her husband’s guts spilling out to a sniper’s bullet.

When his daddy was assassinated, JFK Jr was just a three-year-old toddler famously saluting his daddy’s casket as it passed by.

Five years after JFK’s assassination, his brother Bobby was assassinated during his dual victories in the California and South Dakota primary elections for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States. Losing Daddy at three, little John lost his Uncle Bobby just five years apart, to another assassination.

While the book mentions various people and events related to the Kennedys, it mostly stays focused on the title of: The Good Son, mainly on JFK Jr and his mother Jackie.

The book (published in 2014 by Gallery Books) details a brief background of the Kennedy dynasty, Jack Kennedy’s presidency, his womanizing, his relationship with his children and marriage to Jackie, John (JFK Jr)’s relationship with his mother, Jackie’s influence on little John, Jackie’s romantic/sexual relationships after her husband’s death, John’s relationships, and John’s tragic death which is considered to be one of “the Kennedys’ curse” – in an air crash on July 16, 1999.

Reading details about the former first lady’s life, you couldn’t help wonder how one could survive all that she’d been through. Jackie Kennedy was definitely a strong-willed woman, a rather glamorous celebrity, a survivor. She’d sustained so many losses of the ones held so dear to her, while going through rather public grieves, being reminded time and time again about her beloved husband’s tragic death.

Wanting normal and disciplined life for her children, Jackie decided to steer clear of the Kennedys after her husband’s death. John and Caroline Kennedy had grown up to be the opposite of the Kennedy clans: responsible, polite and well-disciplined. Her way of raising her children inspired even one of her son’s flings, Diana.

The author centres this book on untold details of JFK Jr, his turbulent relationship with his gorgeous mother, the mysterious Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Andersen also explores how Jacqueline felt about John’s affairs with Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker and others.

About the author:

Christopher Andersen is a NYT best-selling author whose uncanny investigations make him as famous as his subjects — which include the rich and famous, pop stars included. Books by the author looks like an A-list of the rich and famous – ‘An Affair to remember: The Remarkable Love Story of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy’, ‘The Day Diana Died’, ‘Game of Crowns: Elizabeth, Camilla, Kate, and the Throne’, ‘Mick: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger’, Michael Jackson Unauthorized’, ‘American Evita: Hillary Clinton’, and lost more about presidents and heads of state. Andersen also closed the chapter on JFK Jr with another title: ‘The Day John Died’.

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