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New minimum wage figures tabled

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Union leaders, employers and Labour Ministry officials meet over the minimum wage yesterday. MOL

BREAKING NEWS : Minimum wage for garment, and footwear sectors rises to $190 in 2020


The National Committee for Minimum Wage has noted three different wage figures proposed by unions, employers and the government, according to a unionist.

The three sides have been meeting to discuss how much money garment factory workers will receive each month next year. The current minimum wage is $182.

Ath Thorn, president of the Cambodian Labour Confederation, said the three sides met again yesterday and adjustments were made to initial figures.

Mr Thorn said unions proposed $195, while the government and employers proposed $187 and $186, respectively.

“The government proposed $187 per month for garment and footwear factory workers in 2020,” he said.

He noted that previously, unions proposed $199, while employers proposed $184.5.

Mr Thorn said unions have also requested employers and the government to consider 14 proposals such as free or affordable meals, safer transportation, and an increase to the minimum wages of those in the sectors of tourism, service and construction.

“We also requested that the government reconsider its stance on the holidays cut next year. We also want fired union representatives to be rehired,” he added.

According to the committee, a report with the proposed figures and points raised by unions and employers were sent to Mr Samheng yesterday.

Labour Ministry spokesman Heng Sour yesterday said the three sides are expected to meet on Friday for a final discussion.

“We will have another meeting on Friday. It is to be facilitated by Minister Ith Samheng. We will try to agree on a final figure, but if we can’t reach a consensus, then we will vote on the proposed figures for workers in 2020,” Mr Sour said.

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