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Despicable Sam Rainsy the traitor, now incites armed forces to commit treason

Sam Rainsy
Sam Rainsy. wikimedia/Nov Povleakhena/VOA Khmer

A total of 25 years after Sam Rainsy committed acts of treason against the Royal Government when he was a sitting government member with the portfolio of Minister of Economy and Finance, he and his unhinged supporters are at it again.

This time his supporters of the deregistered and mis-named Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP) have offered financial rewards to soldiers to defect, thus encouraging or rather inciting the soldiers to commit treason against King and country, by waging an illegal war to topple a democratically elected government, thus betraying the sacred oath they had taken.

It is simply despicable for the ‘lost flock” of the former CNRP supporters to openly encourage soldiers to commit treason. The CNRP members abroad seemed to have run out of tricks, ideas and strategy and have now resorted to blatant bribery to soldiers to betray their oath, country and King.

Rainsy and his cohorts have tried almost everything to punish Cambodians and hurt their rice bowl through demagogic rhetoric and evil plots to destabilise and eventually ruin the country.

Since 1994, he has repeatedly called on the international community to punish Cambodia and its people for the then attitudes of the government of his country.

Since 1993 to the 1997, Rainsy has threatened foreign investors and carried out a systematic campaign against the US General System of Preferences granted to Cambodia, calling on the international community to stop all assistance after July 1997.

In 2013 and since then, he has maintained this stance towards trading partners, cutting all incentives to Cambodia – and this has become his obsessive predilection. These characteristics have constituted his anti-political approach up until today.

Rainsy and his supporter’s hysterical discourses are not the characteristics of a self-proclaimed democracy, patriot and nationalist. On the contrary, are not his acts far from being those of responsible politicians but rather of people who confuse action and agitation, treachery and sedition?

For long, Rainsy has pretended to be a democrat and one who would defend democratic principles. However, His actions, which constitute a plethora of incitement against one particular nation, racism, hatred, insults, defamatory texts and statements, including that which damages the reputation of His Majesty Norodom Sihamoni, speak volumes of the mental state of this once-upon-a-time opposition leader.

Rainsy often revels in projecting himself to the likes of Myanmar’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was kept under house arrest for years, but, unlike her and his one-time compatriot Kem Sokha, Rainsy was never the one who could walk the talk. When the going got tough, he wasn’t among the tough to get going. Instead, he fled and lives a life of luxury while bemoaning his fate to gullible overseas Cambodians for support, monetary and physical resources like a common beggar.

Cambodia does not need to be thrown into a new set of adventures. It has suffered enough and Prime Minister Hun Sen and the sitting Royal Government of Cambodia have bled enough to bring peace, stability, prosperity and massive development to the country.

Cambodia does not need leaders whose only political capital is spewing confrontational racial hatred, venomous rhetoric, falsehood, calls for punishment and sanctions against his own country, a country which he harbours ambitions of governing.

The country also does not need leaders who openly call on the nation’s armed forces to commit acts of treason, a crime that is punishable by death in his most ardent supporter, the US.

Cambodia also does not need fanatics who, while appearing to condemn the use of force, does not miss an opportunity to provoke it, causing death and injury not to him, but to the masses at large and some of his demented and misled flock.

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