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Find My Major: Match Your Aspirations to the Right University and Degree

Ly Kimsie / KhmerTimes Share:

Find My Major is the first mobile application that helps Cambodian high school students research, choose and plan for their university major. This well-designed app is particularly helpful for students during the university application process, accomplishing in a 20-minute search what would ordinarily require months of research. Find My Major lets you browse the majors offered by every university in Cambodia and helps you find detailed information on their application processes and requirements. Using a built-in algorithm, the app will recommend the majors and universities that best match your goals. 
There are two simple navigations on the homepage where you can do a quick survey for major’s recommendation or go to browse your favorite majors by yourself.
Simply answer a series of questions, listing your academic strengths, interests, activities, skills and special attributes and the application will start matching you with a targeted list of majors.    
After a quick survey, the application will define who you are and what’s kind of major best-matched for you. Then it will recommend few of majors best relevant to you. Moreover, you can click on those major to find-out more which universities out there have that major. 
There’s some information related to each major where you can find on the application including your career choices after pursuing that major. 


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