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Impulse: Maddie Hasson shines through with strong character performance

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Maddie Hasson delivers impeccable performance throughout Season One. IndieWire

If you have watched the love-it-or-hate-it Jumper, you would certainly be more familiar with the settings of Impulse. Considered to be a spin-off of the movie and a book-to-silverscreen adaptation of Steven Gould’s third novel in the Jumper series, Impulse revolves around the character of young girl, Henry who soon but terrifyingly slowly discovers her ability to teleport.

Maddie Hasson, a fan favourite from Twisted and Finder, leads the series on YouTube Red with strong performances. The first episode explores the issue of consent and sexual harassment carefully and ensures their take on the matter isn’t just another fleeting issue in the series.

Audiences are teased with her newfound capabilities — first through her episodes of seizures which initially cause minor disruptions which were only noticed by her autistic classmate. Her power is soon unveiled during a sexual assault onto her, with Henry teleporting along with parts of a car into her bedroom.

The writers stay true in depicting emotions in the show. This is the main trigger of the show’s power as Hasson weaves her acting chops into every scene that requires intensity.

While Impulse follows a similar take that Cloak and Dagger has in terms of storyline pace, it does so with reason. Instead of following the footsteps of a typical YA plot, the writers take social matters into hand and handle them rightfully, earning a place among young audiences who are more interested in shows being more aware of the social ongoing in today’s world.

However, their exploration with Hasson’s character as a young woman who faces challenges does not end with just the awakening of her powers, but also overcoming the ordeal she faces. This sidelines the ‘Jumper’ part of the series.

The opening action scene between two jumpers teleporting back and forth from the north pole into a subway was a pleasant ode to the movie, however, similar level of action scenes were minimal throughout the series.

The writers, however, did make up the lack of action with in-depth exploration of Henry’s persona, with clear evident of growth in her character. While the other characters of the show who are involved in the darker side of the town fall flat in capturing interest initially, they eventually do get a more polished outcome by the end.

Impulse may not have the same offerings that Jumper had, but the different take it has on being a YA-superhero-esque show is what sets them apart.

Hasson’s excellent acting skills shine consistently throughout the series as she tackles scenes that would require the caliber of an actress with more experience in the industry.

The show definitely deserves a chance to be watched and with season one currently up for free viewing on YouTube the whole summer, it’s a definite must. Season two is currently underway.

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