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Essay Contest Aims to Improve Young Cambodians’ Foreign-Language Skills

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:

The European Union Delegation to Cambodia (E.U.) and the Khmer Youth Association (KYA) have organized an international-languages essay contest with the aim of boosting young Cambodians’ skills in using foreign tongues. 

Alain Vandersmissen, charge d’affaires of the EU Delegation to Cambodia, said, “We haven’t included a Khmer-language section in the contest because we want to help strengthen Cambodian students’ foreign language skills. Not only that, [foreign-language writing ability] helps them when they want to apply for scholarships abroad.” 

The essay contest will test participants’ skills in English, French and German. Contestants must write an essay on one of the following topics: 1) “Should Asean be like the E.U?”; 2) “Why does nature matter?”; and 3) “What can young people do to shape the future?”

The topics were chosen to encourage contestants to elaborate on the meaning of the concepts “United in Diversity” and “One Vision, One Identity, One Community,” and to discuss the importance of inclusivity and green issues in achieving economic growth. 

Mr. Vandersmissen added that the contest has been designed to open a window through which people in other parts of the world can discover Cambodian’s thoughts. Foreign leaders might even get ideas from the essay contestants on how to improve their countries’ policies to achieve a better future, he said. 

Sith Hong Eang from KYA said she wanted to see young Cambodians make a commitment in writing to develop the country. 

“We have prepared awards for the winners, but we want the focus to be on the knowledge they will share in their essays,” she said. 

Submitted articles shall no longer than 1,200 words and should be sent to [email protected] The deadline for submissions is October 30. 

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