10 Rules students from high school should know before life in the University

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Kimhok was selected as a participant of the YSEALI Reginal Workshop: Empowering Educator in Southeast Asia in Kuala Lumpur, 2019. Supplied

High school graduation is a triumph that leads to a new phase of life. A life that is full of promise for the adventurous scholar. With so much more to learn, and so much more to experience.

It is inevitable for students to not experience a culture shock in the transition from high school to university. They are required to be independent, coming from high school where the teacher spoon-feeds them with lectures and extra classes.

So how do you orientate your study routine to university life? Youth Today reaches out to Taing Kimhok, an esteemed lecturer at Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) to list the 10 edicts to brace fresh out-of-schoolers for orientation to university life.

1. Setting a clear goal

To succeed in the university, students must set a clear goal for themselves. What they want to pursue next after finishing their higher degree? Knowing your goal clearly will help you shape your vision of the future.

Why they chose to study a certain Major and what they have to do next after graduation from this university determines their pathways of lives.

2. Choosing a right University and Major

The first thing fresh high school graduates should do is choosing a right University. If they choose a wrong university, they might end up choosing the wrong major as well. With many Universities and Majors available out there, choosing a degree to pursue can be a dilemma for most students.

However, here are the two factors you can consider when choosing your future higher institution. Firstly, Check universities which are available in Cambodia and also find out the available courses or majors in which you are interested. Secondly, choosing your major precisely based on the expertise that university is specialized in. For instance, if students want to study medicine, they can go to University of Health and Sciences (UHS) which is a specialized University in Health. If students want to study International Relations, they can come to Department of International Studies.

3. Improving your English proficiency

One of the most dominating languages in the world is English, and it has a strong impact on every field of studies. At University, students are required to be proficient in English because it is used as a medium of instruction and communication. Therefore, if students know that their English language ability is still limited, they should consider taking an English class to improve more of their English Proficiency.

Some Universities, for instance, at Institute of Foreign Language (IFL) here we have English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program which students can choose to improve their English language capability for their studies at University, or they can go to other private schools that are available in Cambodia.

4. Be selective in term of your social groups

“You are who you surround yourself with”–that is what people say. The environmental setting you adjust yourself with will cast a great influence on how you are going to become in the future.

Surround yourself with people who bring you positive changes in you because you might fall into the category of the people you spend time with. Therefore, being socially selective in term of choosing your learning peers and close friends can decide your destiny and who you will be in the future.

5. Good time management

Probably you have heard it more than you can count, but having a good time management can save your life. Being a university student, you will be assigned with workloads such as assignments and presentations and are expected to submit it on time, and this doesn’t count quizzes and tests or examinations.

Your life can’t be confined to roaming around only academic work, right? There is more to come than you can count. Prioritize your work and learn to manage your time wisely and you will never sleep worrying about any leftover tasks.

Therefore, having good time management is really an important habit students need to cultivate in order to be successful at university.

6. Be hard working and don’t procrastinate!

Being a hard working is a special trait that not many students can master, but if you do, even a mountain of hindrances cannot stop you from becoming successful in your study in the university.

Learn to work hard by yourself because in here everybody is fighting their own battles. Thus, self-learning is important, read articles, goggle the things you don’t know, and do your own research.

And one thing to know is that you need to work hard but not too hard on yourself. Don’t give up. Just take a rest if you are tired. Then you also need to work smart in your study, but one thing is that don’t procrastinate till the last minute.

7. Finding a role model

As a student, you will bump into so many seatbacks–from feeling demotivated to having no clear goal or getting lost in life. It is very important to find a good role model that you can look up to when you seem to face the down time in your life.

8. Making a network

Studying is important, but setting a well-established network also plays an essential role in part of your life. Networking is an excellent source of trading information which will provide you mutual benefits within your friendship.
9. Contributing to volunteerism

Through volunteering and doing social work, students will understand their society in better context. It is also a chance to explore more what is lacking in the society and how much you can help your community when finishing your degree.

10. Exploring the world and yourself in exchange culture programme

There are so many overseas exchange programs which students can try to step outside their comfort zone and explore more about the world beyond their classroom. Use this chance for self-discovery and push through yourself to the limit because the world out there is filled with so many wonderful things and lessons and so much more to see and so many more to experience!

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