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A picture is worth a thousand words

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FINDING the right words to say at the right time is not that easy. Many people these days find themselves in this situation where they have a pop-up good idea in their mind but cannot find suitable words to explain about that idea.

Worry no more about this problem! Willemien Brand’s Visual Thinking is my recommended solution to you. The book will train you to express your idea and tell the story in the form of visual communication simply known as “drawing”.

In her book, Brand explained that visual thinking is not rocket science. It is not so complicated that everyone needs to try hard to understand it. Why visual thinking? Due to the rapid speed of the changing world around us and the technological advancement era we are living in, visual thinking helps us to provide better explanation on a certain thing without using too many words.

It is good to bear in our mind that we tend to remember seeing pictures than reading text as “75% of neurons in your brain are used to process visuals” and also, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

So, how to create visual communication? The first thing you need to do is to embrace visual thinking by simply learning to draw. It is not difficult. You may think that you are not a good drawer but remember practice makes perfect. Your ability to write will enable you to draw. The author recommends you beat the fear of failure by keeping on doing it. Make some time to draw everyday and you will see how your drawing skill improves from one day to another.

One of the effective ways to create a powerful drawing is to measure by your heart and your head (brain). Logically, storytelling will be powerful by not only depending on how it presents a scene to people but it is also how it touches them as well. Bear in mind to ask your brain when you want to know how people think and your heart when you want to know how people feel.

Visual thinking is not only used in story telling but it is also needed in a business environment as in to boost team performance and generate good ideas. This book would be useful for you if you are working in the position, which required you to put your ideas on a table such as graphic designers, art or creative director, script writer, project presenter and so forth.

Visual thinking and drawing are becoming increasingly important in business settings. A picture really can tell a thousand words. Visualising thoughts can help staff to build on each other’s ideas, to foster collaboration and innovation.

This book provides you with the skills to start generating change by integrating visual communication into a business setting.

The book is available at Kinokuniya book store, which you can find one at AEON Mall Sen Sok or order online through

Author: Willemien Brand

Number of pages: 145 pages

Year of Publication: (June 6) 2017

Publisher: BIS Publisher

Where to find: Kinokuniya book store,

(BELOW in a BOX)

(About the author: Graduating with distinction from the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven, Willemien Brand began a successful career as an industrial designer and is now a leading figure driving the growth of visual communication in the Netherlands.)

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