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Awesome e-gadgets for university students

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WITH Generation Y (teens who are in their 20s, 30s, 40s who are the last generation of the 20th Century), tech products have become the magic go-to gadgets to help students in discovering the world while sitting in one place. Meaning, the world is at their feet. As the new semester approaches, it is timely for a reality check that high school students must include gadgetry as part of their university study aid. Check the list of five essential BYO (Bring Your Own) tech gadgets every university student should have once first year gets underway.


In Cambodia, most students don’t own a laptop unless their parents decide to buy for them, or they save enough money to afford one. This is because most parents still do not view laptops as a necessity for high-school students. However, as they pursue higher education, having a laptop is a must for university works. Today, university students will be expected to adapt to new academic methods such as self-study, making course projects a learning experience of analysis through slide presentation and more. In this generation of the technological march, your lecturer may no longer accept handwriting assignments at some point. He may share his presentation slides through electronic mail, and you may have to do long hours of research in front of the computer screen. Thus, relying on the college computer lab may not be altogether sufficient. Therefore, if you were asked to choose one among many trendy tech products, the laptop is a natural, singularly first choice.


For the ordinary user, a smartphone may be a distraction from routine living. For the smart student however, the smartphone is designed as a multifunction tool to help with coursework, especially with a restricted budget to use more but pay less. How? You can use your smartphone to do minor research on the Internet, write your report, send/check email from lecturers, reading e-books and yes, capturing photos. There are many ways a smartphone can allow students to receive updated information in real time. Another obvious fact is that it is impossible to go online with Facebook, Messenger, Telegram, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, etc if you do not own a smartphone.


Is the tablet a cousin of the smartphone? Yes, except for the inability to make a phone call. A tablet could work pretty much the same as a smartphone. Why you need it? A tablet’s size is bigger than a smartphone which lets users feel the convenience of working with their tech device just like using a laptop. With the vital touch screen function, you can read, paint or scribble a note quickly on your tablet while keeping eye contact with your lecturer or speaker.


It is inevitable to avoid reading when you are still in student status. Some students in Cambodia read a book within one week while some others may be slow in reading due to digressions or distraction. If you are looking for a tool for easy reading, an E-reader is recommended. The tech inventor has made a tech gadget which makes reading easy based on its book-sized design. You can simply download any e-book and read it from your e-reader such as Kindle. If you are a member of the bookworm community, invest on an e-reader today.

Portable HDD

Is it necessary to have a portable hard drive when you are a student? A resounding ‘yes’. An eight-gigabyte portable flash may no longer be useful anymore when study documents today are expanding larger and larger. A portable Hard Drive Disk is a useful transformation tool for students who share large files of study document, research photos, documentary videos, computer software with their peers or transferring a file within their computer. One advantage of a portable HDD is that it is safer and faster than sharing documents through the cloud. Therefore, if you plan to invest on an external storage, think about a quality portable HDD.

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