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Kampot to be home to Cambodia’s largest ecotourism destination

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KC Adventure Resort, which will cost an estimated $20 million, is located in Kampot province’s Chhouk district. KC Adventure Resort

Kampot province is a few years away from hosting Cambodia’s largest ecotourism destination.

Dr Alexander Evengroen, CEO of Chamreun Sambath Construction Co Ltd, told Khmer Times in an interview last week that they have already started to develop a large swath of land in the province where KC Adventure Resort will rise.

“We are already six months into it,” he said. The project is being developed by Chamreun Sambath Construction Co Ltd, a well-known property developer.

The project, which has an estimated cost of $20 million, is located in Kampot province’s Chhouk district, which is less than 25 kilometers away from the famous Durian Roundabout in Kampot Town, the provincial capital.

Mr Evengroen said the area’s location and features make it an excellent choice for such a project. Kampot lies between Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville, two of Cambodia’s most important urban areas.

Also, there are mountains, rivers, and forests that run through the project’s location.

According to Mr Evengroen, KC Adventure Resort will feature fruit farms, villas, a helipad, a clubhouse, swimming spots, a camping area, restaurants, cattle farms, a cable car, a zipline, flower gardens, a soccer field, a golf driving range, a dinosaur-themed park, ATV trails, and fish farms, among other amenities.

Mr Evengroen said they made it a priority to make the resort environmentally friendly. “As much as possible, we will use natural, non-toxic products,” he pointed out.

“We don’t want to destroy the environment. What we will do is to integrate it with the beauty already there and make it better,” he added.

Aside from employing local people, Mr Evengroen said they also want to contribute to the development of Cambodia’s and international tourism industry.

According to him, ecotourism destinations like KC Adventure Resort will encourage foreign visitors to visit more places and stay longer in Cambodia.

“Now, most tourists come to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat. We want them to visit our resort and similar places, as well as Angkor Wat,” he said.

Mr Evengroen said that from the usual 3-4 days, they want tourists to stay in Cambodia for 5 days or longer. “When they stay longer, they spend more money, thus contributing to the growth of the economy,” he pointed out.

It’s a win-win for us, the government, local people, businesses and tourists,” he added.

The project, according to him, will be built in phases, with the first phase slated for completion in the next five years. “It might be possible that we will cover more than 1,000 hectares in the end,” he noted.

Kampot already hosts several other well-known ecotourism destinations, including Dong Prek National Park (River Park), Trapeang Sangkae Community, Anlung Pring, and Kdat Sanaka Resort & Hotel.

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