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(L to R) Punleur, Chhai, Sophalrith, and Visal, the four Cambodian rappers and dancers in Khmer Pride. Photo: Supplied

PHNOM PENH (Khmer Times) – Khmer Pride, a Cambodian rap group, was formed in 2013 when Koa Punleur and three friends realized they all had the same appreciation for hip hop music and culture.

Since then, the four rappers and dancers have been performing cover versions of songs from their favorite artists, including Khmer1Jivit, Tyga and Eminem. Besides rapping, they have been creating their own dance choreography. 

The four talents are 22-year-old Koa Punleur, Sin Visal, 18, Theng So Pheak Ni Chhai, 19, and 21-year-old Theoun Sophalrith. 

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These emerging talents have been performing at youth charity events, including a recent stage-erupting appearance at Bopea Music Festival on August 2, when they performed  their new song ‘Me and My People’. 

Check out their work on their YouTube channel PUNLEU (Khmer rapper) or at their Facebook page, Khmer Pride. 

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