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High school jinks – and memories

Som Kanika / Khmer Times Share:
Thank you to our teachers … together we stand, now we go in different directions with our career and lives. Supplied

For better or worse, many of us will never forget the 12 years spent on the journey of exploring ourselves in high school, which seemed insignificant back then, but so nostalgic today.

Venturing from academic competition to the binding friendships, from peer and parental pressure to the desperate struggle for better grades, and from the spontaneous romantic crushes of puppy love to chronic embarrassment. We all experience that in high school.

Last Tuesday was the day of national high school exams and also the last day when students strode out of the exam room, leaving behind them all the anxiety and nerve-racking moments but not before a silent and final wave of goodbye to the memories of high school.

KT/Srey Kumneth

Sam Minea, a student from Sothormok High School, who just finished her national high school exam last week, shared her story of how she nursed dreams of becoming a better citizen through the journey she has been in high school.

“I began high school as a child and I am leaving here as an adult, so many memories have been made there from the first day of school until now the last day of saying goodbye to our best friends. This is the place that I learnt how to read, learn how complex mathematic is and how great the scientific discoveries for human technology and development,” said the 18-year-old.

Minea is now moving on to her new chapter of pursuing a higher education in International Relations at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. She also shared personal stories and her deepest gratitude toward her teachers and parents who have gone the extra mile with her through all of these 12 long years, that seemed to have suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye.

“Through schooling I was taught to be well mannered and how important it is to show empathy for others. Furthermore, I am beyond grateful to all my teachers who have been working so hard along with us from the first day until now. And more importantly to my parents, I couldn’t have made this far without their unconditional support, love and faith they have in me.”

Sambath Panhareach, a student from Sisowat High School, was emotional when expressing his thought of appreciation to all his teachers for the knowledge sharing and for always having a faith in him.

“Never will I forget how grateful and thankful I am to all my teachers, who have stood by my side for these tough and tedious nine months. Despite the fact that it was a by-the-throat (experience) for all of us as students, they still managed to give us motivation and give us all the necessary tips and guidance in order to pass our exams,”articulated the 19-year-old.

Panhareach also further demonstrated about the friendship he have made during his high school years and the absence of those times made his heart grow founder of that moment.

“The memory of studying the extra class (Rean Kur) with my classmates at Chatumuk School is still in the back of my head. Every day I miss them a lot because we used to be very close, somehow to the point of being a family. I had so much fun because of them. Now everyone has gone in separated directions to complete their mission in their lives and I wish them the best endeavor in their journey.”

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