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Child Dies from ‘Poisonous’ Jelly

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:

A three-year-old boy in Stung Treng province’s Thala Barivat district died on Tuesday after allegedly eating plastic-packed, Vietnamese-made jelly a couple of days before, according to local police officials yesterday.
Deputy district police chief Prum Chhorn said that after district police were informed, they began an investigation and went to the victim’s house yesterday.
“The child died [on Tuesday] and the jelly he ate was suspected to be poisonous. Our officer is at the scene now to investigate the case,” he said yesterday, declining to comment further and referring additional questions to another officer who was at the scene.
The other officer, who declined to give his name and position, said the boy’s body was buried on Tuesday before he arrived at the scene and that it had been a few days since the boy ate the Vietnamese jelly.
“The boy died and was already buried and we suspected the jelly was the cause. However, we don’t have any conclusion. The jelly is with a Camcontrol official who took it for testing,” he said, adding that the results had yet to be revealed.
“According to our examination of the jelly, it is a Yuon jelly,” he said, using a term for Vietnamese widely considered derogatory. “After leaving here, we’re are going to the shop that sold the jelly to the boy and the big distributor to find out more.”
Preah Rumkil commune police chief Horm Nary said the child suffered from vomiting two days before he died at the provincial hospital.
“The child was hopsitalized at the provincial hospital. First, he sufferred from vomitting after eating the jelly and did not get better so the mother brought him to the hospital. He died yesterday and was buried without reporting to the police,” he said.
“We did not know about the case in the first place. The village chief reported to the commune chief about the child’s death and the commune chief told us and we started work on it.”
Bou Vatha, deputy director of the provincial hospital, could not be reached for comment while Heng Nhey, director of the provincial health department, did not reply to a request for comment.

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