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Klopp ponders sabbatical after Liverpool era

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Liverpool coach Juergen Klopp’s current contract with the Red expires in 2022. Xinhua

BERLIN (Xinhua) – Some German fans might be disappointed after Liverpool Juergen Klopp has announced to take a sabbatical after leaving 2019 Champions League winner Liverpool FC.

The 52-year-old has been the fans first choice when it comes to succeeding German national coach Joachim Loew next to former RB Leipzig coach Ralf Rangnick.

In a recent interview, Stuttgart-born Klopp said it is more or less an already made decision to take a break after his time in England. The coach spoke of a period of 12 months.

The former Borussia Dortmund coach’s current contract with the Red expires in 2022 but might be extended shortly. His agent Marc Kosicke talked about the effort of last season’s Premier League second to extend Klopp’s contract as soon as possible.

Klopp said he is still full of energy but has “only one problem. I can’t do a job like that with half speed.” If he has the impression to need a break, he will stop for a year he commented.

For now, he LFC coaches’ big goal remains to win the Premier League title. Last season the Red’s ended up second (97 points) just one point behind Champion Manchester City (98) with their Spanish star coach Pep Guardiola. Liverpool’s last Premier League title was achieved in 1990.

After the break, he will quickly decide about his future Klopp emphasized. “It is very likely that I have refilled my energy-level after a year and can do every job I want to and that is suitable,” the 2012 German Champion said.

He said he hopes the coming two to three years are working well. Then he will make a decision. “Everything is possible. I may retire. I don’t know yet, but I just wanted to mention so nobody is surprised if it happens”, Klopp commented.

Klopp said he hopes all European leagues can get to an agreement and have the same time-frame for transfers. “The transfer window must close at the same time, so everybody knows what team is around to work with,” Klopp said.

He praised the Champions League as “a great competition and best possible event.” Klopp said he doesn’t favour a newly formed competition such as a Super League. There are far too many games the players have to attend in his perspective.

“I hope the Super League never comes,” he said adding the Champions League is a successful event as “not always the same teams are participating. He is aware of the financial benefit of a new competition “but why should we create a system in which the fans see Real Madrid against Liverpool for the next ten years. Who wants always to see the same game?” Klopp stressed.

The number of games needs to be reduced as there are not only enough games already in several competitions, but “we have the internationals in our squad on top.”

Klopp said the newly formed Nations League has increased the pressure on the national coaches always to appoint the best and skip too much testing as every game has greater importance. “Every game is like a qualification duel.”

This system can’t be working over a longer period, “we have to do something about it as all coaches have the same view.”

Klopp praised the quality of Premier League opponent Manchester City. “I don’t want to increase the pressure on Pep and his team, but the Citizens stand above all in the Premier League. I say they have massive quality and the best combination you can think of: A top quality squad and an experienced coach.”

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