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Six parties fined for not providing annual reports

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
Political parties join a meeting at the Interior Ministry yesterday. KT/Siv Channa

The Interior Ministry is set to fine six political parties for not submitting their annual reports and financial statements for two consecutive years.

Bun Honn, a ministry secretary of state, yesterday said the six parties are among 44 which are registered in the Kingdom.

Speaking during a dialogue yesterday with 35 political parties to address problems they face, he noted that the errant parties face a fine of about $2,500 each.

“These six political parties failed to comply with the law on political parties and did not submit any report regarding their political activities in 2017 and 2018,” Mr Honn said.

A ministry statement obtained yesterday named the six as Khmer Great Solidarity Party; Vongkot Khemarak Mohanokor Party; Human Rights Party; Molinaka Party; Democratic Society Party; and Khmer Democratic Party.

Apart from the six, Mr Honn yesterday also reminded 20 other political parties which have not submitted their annual reports and financial statements for last year to do so, failing which they will be fined.

“I would like to take this opportunity to alert these other political parties to hurry up and submit their reports to the Interior Ministry and Finance Ministry,” he said. “If not, they will be fined about $1,250 each,” he said.

Chhim Kan, director of the Interior Ministry’s department of associations and political parties, yesterday said all registered political parities must submit their annual reports to the ministry each year or risk being dissolved.

“We will issue a warning to parties that fail to comply and fine them about $1,250 for the first year after which the fine will be doubled, without warning, for the second year,” he said. “On the third consecutive year, the party will be dissolved by the court.”

Mr Khan noted that reports from registered political parties are necessary for the ministry to determine if they are active throughout the year.

“In order to ensure transparency and accountability, the ministry needs these reports to track any illegal activities conducted by a registered political party,” he said.

According to Mr Honn, 42 out of the 44 registered political parties have been confirmed as being active across the Kingdom while two have been dormant.

Suong Sophorn, Khmer Win Party president, yesterday said that his party, which was among the 20 mentioned by Mr Honn, had submitted its reports for last year but was told to re-submit details of activities by its grassroots officials.

“The party respects the law so we will follow it and submit the reports on time,” he said. “During the meeting yesterday, the party also requested the ministry to address challenges concerning political parties. We will see if the ministry takes any action.”

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