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Self-taught digital artist Meas Vong Lina began drawing as a child; her first works were copies of characters from cartoons and comics. Supplied

Entirely self-taught, 21-year-old Meas Vong Lina has parlayed her gift for drawing into a career as a freelance digital artist, going under the name “Nanali.” 

Currently, she is in training to work on a Cambodian-themed animated featured film called “Funan – The New People.”

Thinking back on her journey so far, she started off by drawing cartoon characters she saw on TV and copying from comic books. When she was 11 years old, she ventured into the digital art world, teaching herself to use her first graphics tablet. 

With strong support from the people around her, Lina, majoring in Multimedia Design, started to put more effort into each and every piece of digital artwork and explore her passion for art and design even more. 

She perceives art as an incredibly fun form of therapy. It helps her release tension and calms her mind by giving her a channel to express her ideas and thoughts. 

One of the things she loves most about art, she said, is that it is a great tool for bonding and for inspiration. 

“I personally wish to inspire other people to enjoy the beauty of my artwork, as well as all kinds of art, in the same way that it made an impact on me. It’s an endless chain of inspiration.”

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