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Message and Personal Quotes from Chevening Scholars

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Ms Bora Sunjolinet (pic), is an honours graduate in International Studies who wil.l take a Master of Art in International Relations at the University of London this September.

“Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.”

If you are hesitant and anxious about the expected result, you should push your boundary of fear and go for it. While at the same time you have to consider your own qualification and make sure you are ready for it too. You might not pass the first round but not everyone is successful at the first try, so be courageous and go for your wildest dream!

Ms Sar San (pic) works as the Business Integrity Programme Assistant at Transparency International Cambodia and will fly this summer to pursue her Master’s Degree in Business Sustainability at Leeds University in UK.

“Every time I feel like I want to give up, I always remind myself that things actually happen for a good reason. I would repeatedly ask myself why I decided to do it in the first place. Therefore what I can do is to hold on to my perseverance a little longer and put more effort and will power into it. Soon, the situation will get better.”

Chevening Scholarship is indeed a very competitive scholarship. You can become demotivated due to its long process and feel even less motivated to see hundreds of applicants, if not thousands, applying for the Chevening Scholarship each year. You might even harbor fear and self-doubt if you failed the last time. Last year, when starting my application, I had no clue and expectations about this positive turnout. What I knew was that I had to do my very best in every step I took. Just give yourself a chance and put your heart into this process. Who knows that you will become one of the next Chevening scholars!

By Som Kanika

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