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Minister wants young generation to produce research documentaries

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Srin Sokmean, founder of ‘Amazing Cambodia’ hopes that he could print his architecture books which he spends almost 10 years collecting the pictures and informations. KT/ Khem Sovannara

MINISTER of Information Mr Khieu Kanharith (pic right) on Saturday urged the young generation to produce more research documentaries, affirming that any kind of support including printing and financing will be given to those who come up with a viable proposal.

“Most importantly, I want (us) to have (more) books for Cambodian people to read. The ministry will provide help,” said Mr Kanharith at the weekend’s launch of a photo exhibition entitled ‘Underrated Heritage Buildings’ at Factory Phnom Penh.

“We want to see the young generation immersed in research. There are many fields awaiting the young to do research because as with stories of hearsay, word of mouth, we are not entirely clear about the factual side,” he said adding that without clarity of truths behind the history, it could lead to confusion from one generation to another.

In Cambodia, there have been many books recently published by the local writers. These books, however, are mostly novels and of self-development which the market needs. The Minister of Information pointed out that having more research documentaries in the country is a key step towards the development of the country.

He said the young generation, as well as many people in Cambodia, need well-grounded research documentaries to verify the facts of public events and the like.

Aside from local readership demand, Mr Kanharith wants a young generation motivated to conduct research which highlight achievements and garner experience to underscore their talent and career paths.

“I want youths to start conducting research or work with relevant teams to discuss and write research books. It is not important whether (the research) is right or wrong. The thing is whether you can accept critique (for self-correction) and to go forward with self-development,” Mr Kanharith added.

“It is ideal for both the researchers and society. For researchers, when they can have their studies published into books, they will surely develop their capabilities in researching, analysing and reviewing their papers,” said Srin Sokmean, founder of ‘Amazing Cambodia’ which hosted the ‘Underrated Heritage Buildings’ exhibition of 50 buildings, and plans to publish a documentary book about the movement of Cambodia’s architecture.

Steeped in knowledge pertaining to architecture, the 27-year-old has spent a good decade of his youthful life exploring the country to collect information on old-fashioned buildings from the sixties onwards. The two documentaries about architecture that he is going to print are: ‘Phnom Penh’s Former Cinema Buildings’ and ‘Cambodia: 50 Years Then and Now’.

“More importantly, it is a driving force that motivates them to continue working on their research are highly valued, leading to less reliance on foreign sources. Society at large will receive more documentation that provides more comprehensive knowledge.”

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