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Golden advice from three A Graders

Khmer Times Share:

Ngov Chihor says,

Arrange your study schedule as precisely as possible: “Knowing when to study and when to relax. You cannot just mix everything up and expect good results. You should start sketching out a timetable for both school and for self-studying.”

Work hard, play hard: “Students should set their main focus on preparing for the exam, but they also should not overlook their favorite activities when they feel overwhelmed. A little bit of fun will cause no harm.”

Believe in your ability: “You need to believe in yourself that you can do it. You are never ready until you’re mentally ready. You can achieve more than you think.”

Seng Rothsethamony says,

Past year exam Q&As: “Do every exercise in the textbook. Search for the old ones from previous year’s exam and practise it again and again. Simulate a mock examination with a time limit to test your ability. Do it until you feel satisfied.”

Think positive: “Fear is not healthy for the mind. You must convince yourself to believe that you are bigger than your fear. Trust that you will get through it and your whole life isn’t defined by an examination”

Teo Soucheng says,

Don’t have high expectations: “High expectations hurt when you fall short. But it doesn’t mean

you can’t expect… Expect to do your very best, not to be the best.”

Self-commitment: “No amount of advice or suggestions will be good enough if you don’t commit

yourself to it. You may be told to do many things and (do) a lot of preparation, but in the end it’s

all about you and your mentality to do it.”


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