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Helmet drive cuts fatal crashes

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
A police officer in Phnom Penh shows a rider how a helmet could save his life. KT/Siv Channa

The number of motorcyclist deaths during an ongoing campaign instructing riders to wear helmets has decreased when compared to before the campaign started.

Interior Minister Sar Kheng yesterday posted on his Facebook page that the number of fatalities in traffic accidents involving motorcyclists has decreased in a 13-day period of a helmet safety campaign when compared to the 13-day period prior to the campaign.

“I highly appreciate the results of the nationwide helmet campaign for motorcyclists, which has reduced the number of deaths,” Mr Kheng said.

“According to a report of the helmet campaign, the number of deaths of motorcyclists in a traffic accident has decreased by nine people and the number of deaths of those not wearing a helmet has decreased by five in the 13-day period [July 19-31],” he added.

He lauded the efforts of authorities involved in the campaign, especially traffic police officers throughout the country.

“I also apologise to motorcyclists who were stopped and told to buy or find a helmet before they were allowed to continue on their journeys,” Mr Kheng said. “I want to say thank you to everyone for respecting and adhering to road traffic laws with high responsibility.”

The helmet campaign is a month-long nationwide drive launched last month that requires all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. Those found not wearing a helmet will not be fined or punished during the designated period. However, officers will not allow motorcyclists to continue on their journey before they can find or buy a helmet.

According to a traffic police and public order department report, 40 motorcyclists died in traffic accidents during the first 13 days of the campaign, which is a decrease of nine deaths when compared to the 13-day period before the campaign started.

It added that 31 people died due to not wearing a helmet, which is a decrease of five people when compared to the 13 days prior to the campaign.

Mr Kheng said that despite the positive results, the death toll is still high and the number of those who are injured continues to grow.

“I want to appeal to all to take part in implementing road traffic laws with utmost vigilance for the sake of safety of each individual and families and everyone on the road,” Mr Kheng said.

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