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Keeping up Standards

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:
Buyers looking at a borey, or housing project, have a number of concerns.

While there has been a growing demand for borey, or housing projects, in Cambodia in the past few years to supply the rising middle class, the concerns local people have are about security, infrastructure and construction quality. 
Chhun Kosal, a resident in Borey Lim Chheanghak at Choam Chao, told Khmer Times he bought his house in a borey four years ago. Mr. Kosal said the construction quality was not perfect, but acceptable.  
“The construction of the flats in the borey are built for sale and some boreys do not follow the standards 100 percent,” he said. Some construction work is low quality, but we can accept it. But we cannot compare it to a house we build ourselves.” 
Mr. Kosal added that the infrastructure and sewage systems are fine in his borey, but he was concerned about the security, which he said is poor compared with other boreys. 
“Our borey is very poor on security management. The owners just built it and sold it to customers. I am concerned about security,” he said. “I can accept the construction standards, but security is poor.” 
Sok Eng, who lives in Borey Lay Kung in Dangkor district, told Khmer Times that the reason he chose to purchase his residence in the borey was because it provided him with good security. Also, the location is in the city which makes it easier for him to travel to work. 
Mr. Eng added that the construction of his house and the infrastructure surrounding it is an issue. He added that the sewage system in his borey does not work well and floods during heavy rain. 
“I have some issues with my house, but I can fix it by myself since it is my responsibility as I have paid it off to the owners,” he said. “They have a warranty for us for some period of time, but since I lived here quite a long time everything is now my responsibility.” 
Mr. Eng said that although there is security is his borey, he is always carefully and takes care of his property. 
Some well-known locally-run boreys are particular about the quality of construction, security management and infrastructure as they want to attract people to move in. 
Borey Peng Huoth general manager Tep Kannitha said the quality of construction, security management and infrastructure is the main focus of her company. She said what is on the master plan will exist when the job is finished. 
“Each time we build a borey, we consider it our home, so our quality and infrastructure is better compared to other boreys,” Ms. Kannitha said. “Borey Peng Huoth has a six months- warranty to customers after they move in, but our service will support them even if they stay longer than two years.” 
Like Ms. Kannitha, Try Meng An, the deputy project manager of Borey Vimean Phnom Penh, said that from the first until the company’s sixth project, Borey Vimean Phnom Penh has continuously strengthened the quality of construction, infrastructure and security management to build trust with customers. 
“Our sewage system is big and we have never experienced flooding after heavy rain,” he said. We are mainly focused on the quality of construction with high standards. 
“We have never encountered any cases of theft since we have strict security and that is why customers have confidence in us,” he added.  

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