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Draft law on social security approved

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workers in hospital
A worker receives medical attention after an incident. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Prime Minister Hun Sen on Friday approved the draft law to expand the National Social Security Fund to provide a financial security net for civil servants, and those in the private and informal sectors.

“Yesterday, I chaired a cabinet meeting where we passed some draft laws, including the Social Security Fund, which is very important for civil servants and workers, both during their working days and when they are retired,” Mr Hun Sen posted on his Facebook page. “This will especially benefit women who form a majority in the workforce.”

He noted that the government will continue to pay attention to solve problems affecting workers and provide much needed protection for everyone so that they can get more benefits and have a better standard of living.

A statement issued after the Council of Ministers’ meeting held at the Peace Palace on Friday, said that the purpose of having a social security fund law in Cambodia is to ensure economic and social stability for the people and improve their welfare and standard of living.

“It covers four sectors: pensions, healthcare, employment risk and unemployment.” the statement said. “It is for people in the public and private sector who are protected by the Labour Law, including those in the informal sector, such as domestic workers, and also the self-employed.”

Phay Siphan, a government spokesman, yesterday said Mr Hun Sen had approved the draft law on the Social Security Fund without amendment.

He said the draft law was prepared in accordance with the Council of Ministers’ recommendations and was drawn up by a group of lawyers from the Labour Ministry and the Council of Ministers’ council of jurists.

Mr Siphan said the team carried out research on issues and consulted with national legal experts and development partners, especially the employers and unions.

“The draft law on the Social Security Fund is very important for people in the public sector, private sector and the self-employed who will receive social security funds such as pensions, healthcare, working risk and unemployment,” Mr Siphan said.

Unionists representing workers in the informal sectors and domestic workers yesterday lauded the government for approving the social security fund draft law.

Vorn Pao, president of the Independent Democracy of Informal Economy Association, yesterday said the fund will greatly help workers in the informal sector.

“It is good for domestic workers and the self-employed that the government is paying attention to them and they will receive many benefits such as pensions, healthcare, workplace risk and unemployment financial security.” he said.

Mr Pao urged the government to allow unionists to view the draft law so that they could provide input through discussions to ensure the law is truly effective.

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