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The Boys: An Unapologetic Anti-Hero Show

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The Seven who ends up with a missing member after a turn of events in the first episode. New York Times

The comic book based anti-superhero show, The Boys already has a second season order on Amazon Prime prior to the release of its first season and it definitely deserves a place on your weekend watch list. With a star-studded cast and an unapologetic take on violence, The Boys takes on a different approach with the anti-hero storyline.

The show takes place in a reality where superheroes are a common sight when it comes to tackling crimes. Abandoning the usual superhero movie tropes, The Boys takes the audience from the view of a guy who loses his girlfriend to a tragedy involving one of the superhero from the acclaimed team called The Seven.

Hughie (played by Jack Quaid) who loses his girlfriend gets approached by Karl Urban’s character, Billy Butcher who expresses his interest to help Hughie avenge his girlfriend. While hesitant in the beginning, Hughie gives in and tries his hand at entering the superheroes’ headquarters and planting a bug.

Chace Crawford who appears as The Deep proves to be a problematic member of the team. New York Times

However, one of the team members of The Seven soon find out and things take a turn. For the worst, both Butcher and Hughie end up in a fight with Translucent, leading to them killing him eventually. While Hughie is now more keen in sticking to his decision to avenge and most likely continue the killing streak, audiences are sure to not be disappointed by the upcoming action scenes.

The first episode introduces the main superheroes of the show as well a couple of members of The Boys, the anti-hero team who bands together to take down superheroes who uses their influences to avoid influences.

The show considered as a breather from all the Marvel and DC shows running around is boasts a suprising ensemble of casts and characters with a difficult past who come together to take down a multinational conglomerate with dirty secrets.

With utterly diabolical themes and sensitive issues present throughout the first season, the show is not without its flaws. Despite a number of memorable characters, some hardly make a mark despite popping up throughout the season. Simon Pegg who plays Hughie’s dad pulls a convincing American accent does not do much to leave a memorable character behind by the end of first season.

The Boys does however manage to differentiate themselves to other superhero shows such as the Doom Patrol and The Umbrella Academy, presenting a convincing and solid storyline. Fans can be sure to be holding to their seats tight because season one of the The Boys is gonna a be tough ride to get off.

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