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Eat like a Beauty Queen

Khmer Times Share:
Samnang Alyma, 18, bested 24 candidates to become Miss Universe Cambodia 2019. GT2/Taing Rinith

To become Miss Universe Cambodia and bear the Kingdom’s flag in the most prestigious of international pageants is not exactly a piece of sweet cake. What makes her rise above the rest of the candidates is her elegant hour-glass shape and oozing appeal. This ideal look triggers our curiosity on what they put on their plate on a daily basis and how they push themselves through strenuous physical exercises. In an interview with Som Kanika, Samnang Alyna, the winner of Miss Universe Cambodia 2019, shares a snapshot of her daily diet and shines a light on her gallant endeavour, which helped her win the crown.

GT2: Can you describe your daily diet routine? And how do you decide what you put on your plate?

Alyna: Adopting a healthy diet is not about food-strict limitation or depriving yourself of the foods you love. Rather, it’s about eating mindfully. There are three fundamental routines that I embrace within my daily eating habit: First of all, you have to eat three meals a day and regularly on time; Second, consuming a balanced diet including protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre, while vitamins and minerals will give fresh energy for your whole day and sustain a healthy body too. Last but not least, avoid unhealthy foods such as junk and street food which can destroy your body inside out.

At noon, I live on Khmer cuisine. Supplied

GT2: What do your breakfast, lunch and dinner look like with your current diet?

Alyna: In the morning, I usually have a heavy breakfast, which includes rice with chicken or pork rice and eggs. For snack, I enjoy eating fruit such as beans and grapes ,with a cup of ice coffee.

At noon, I live on Khmer cuisine, which contains numerous healthy option with plenty of fish and vegetable such as Samlor Prorhal (Prorhal Soup), Khmer Curry and Korko Soup. And for the drink I habitually have different types of smoothie.

My dinner is the lightest meal of my day, in which I try to eat lots of vegetable and least meat as this is soothing for my bedtime ritual.

GT2: What are the inspirations that motivate you to live on such a diet?

Alyna: Taking care of your physical health is necessary but you won’t make it far without your mental health. To maintain my mental health, hence, is one of my targets. Say, ‘you are what you eat’ because everything you consume could have a big impact on you. So making your choice of food is a very important decision every day. Moreover, as a public figure, my look is also an important part that I display to the public; thus, staying fit and in shape are also goals I need to achieve and [an asset I need to maintain].

GT2: How did you achieve your slender looks? And can you tell us how you plan your exercise schedule?

Alyna: Weight maintenance requires different routines. For me, there are two methods that I stick to — eat nutritious food and exercise regularly. Managing to stay in shape doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself to acquire a slim body, but make sure you consume your daily meals on time and indulge more into nutrients such as fruit, vegetable, high-fibre foods as those source of protein will offer you a different set of vital vitamins that will maintain your body shape and strength a lot.

Meanwhile, regular exercise is one of the most important daily routines to maintain my weight. Normally, I hit the gym 4 days a week to build up physical strength and maintain fitness. Working out regularly not only keeps my body trim but also boosts my mental health. Since the first day you hit the gym, you will start feeling fresher and less stressed.

Managing to stay in shape doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. Supplied

GT2: Being both a college student and Miss Universe Cambodia means you always have a busy schedule? How do you manage your time to adapt to such a lifestyle?

Alyna: As a matter of fact, formulating a healthy diet and exercise routine is considered a radical challenge to most people as it requires setting a high commitment and resilience. Although it is mainly about prioritising and finding time to do it, at the end of the day, it will be decided by how important you feel it is. For me, I was able to achieve my goal of becoming Miss Universe Cambodia by keeping my mind on my long-term goal of a great and healthy shape. In the meantime, an excellent health, including great physical and mental wellness, is also what I set to achieve and maintain all my life.

GT2: How has your lifestyle changed or affected your life?

Alyna: Since the beginning, it has changed my life significantly. I have become so much healthier and even much more productive. In the first few months after turning to a new healthy eating habit, which included more vegetable and protein, I started feeling fresher and more optimistic inside. The major point is that you will see the result in your skin, as it appears to give you a certain glow and fresher than ever. In addition, sticking to a healthy diet and exercising regularly have changed my mentality considerably. The more time you spend on physically activities, the more positivity you feel inside. The power of positivity energises my mood and boosts my productivity and performance than ever.

GT2: Do you think it is necessary for people, although they are not planning to become Miss or Mr Pageant or film stars, to adopt a healthy eating habit?

Alyna: Committing to a healthy diet is always necessary for women and people in general too because everything you consume will cast a great effect on you as a whole. How you feel, how you grow and how you perform will be affected by your food choice. Therefore, choose what you eat wisely. I think people should learn to love ourselves more by starting to take care of your eating style since your inner health need your attention and caring too.


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