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US Embassy Should Act as a Bridge between Cambodia and the United States of America, Not the Opposite

Union of Journalist Federations of Cambodia / Khmer Times Share:

The Union of Journalist Federations of Cambodia (UJFC) has been carefully monitoring the dissemination of formal and informal statements on both social media sites and traditional media on the state of affairs in the Kingdom of Cambodia. UJFC believes in sovereignty, non-interference and self-determination of each nation as espoused within the UN Charters. UJFC is against incitement, fake news and favoritism and is in favor of objectivity within the media profession.

UJFC notes with great surprise and concern that more often than not, officials from the US Embassy in Cambodia issue biased unfounded messages, seemingly attempting to mislead the public which may cause unreasonable resentment and grievance against the Cambodian people. If left unchecked, these messages may lead to political and social instability in Cambodia, something that the Royal Government of Cambodia and the international community have been working hard to avoid since the end of genocide and the protracted civil war in this country.

UJFC calls for US Embassy officials to be conscientious in expressing statements and mindful of the long-term relations between Cambodia and the United States of America. UJFC advises embassy officials to refrain themselves in rendering undiplomatic gestures, starting with ugly war of words.

UJFC would like to culturally highlight that Cambodians are truly capable of dignified debate respecting each other’s values and interests. Today, Cambodians are citizens of pacifism who continuously seek to strengthen friendship with peace loving nations around the world for mutual benefits and in mutual understanding.

Cambodian people recognize that “freedom and democracy” can only occur in time of “peace” because with peace and development social protection increases. With war rights are deprived. So we should join together to use this opportunity of peace to strengthen the friendship of our two nations, between a nation with rich culture and a nation of great power. Democracy in Cambodia will continue to be healthy by maintaining peace and stability and by strengthening “the rule of law.”

UJFC appeals for avoidance of statements that harm prosperity of Cambodian people. Cambodians are resilient people with creativity and have survived through hard times with dignity and pride. Smiling Cambodians have become increasingly aware of how to select their national leaders with conscience through national elections – their leaders with the capability to make the right difficult decision for our nation to move forward with energy, conviction and excellence.

Union of Journalist Federations of Cambodia

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