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Riding by bus with new app ‘City Bus Official’

Raksa Umchan / Khmer Times Share:

It is undeniable that using a private vehicle is one of the most convenient methods of getting around – there is little waiting time and the trip is more leisurely. However, did you know that using a private vehicle contributes greatly to the traffic jam? Look no further because we have the most viable solution for you: the city bus. By using the city bus to travel, you will play a vital part in helping the local society. Some of the perks of using public transportation include reducing traffic congestion and minimising air pollution.

Moreover, you can also help yourself by using the city bus. How? By cutting down on your expenses and getting more workout when you walk to the bus station. To make the information on the city bus more accessible to Cambodians, a local developer has created a mobile application called City Bus Official. This application provides very useful information such as real-time bus location, all available routes, search a specific route, and list of bus stops.

The City Bus Official application also strives to ease the process for fellow Cambodians by leading the local society to embrace this modern approach. Other features which users can find on the application are the bus lines which are displayed in different colors, a search function for a specific line, search function for a specific bus stop, the ability to share and find the location code by keying in a code number. If you think that the City Bus Official could be beneficial for you, get it on your device for free on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


This is IT

This is a mobile application which you should have if you plan to commute with the city bus. It is equipped with a system that will make finding a bus and a bus stop a much easier experience.

Display a Specific Line

After choosing a specific line and embarking on a bus, you can glance over at the application to track the journey. It will tell you what is along the way of this specific line as you make your way to your destination.


By using City Bus Official, users can also let their friends or family informed of their current location. This is a very useful feature to ensure safety of the passengers. With this application, your loved ones can keep track of your journey.

Location Code

Another way of finding a specific location is by keying in the location code provided by the application. By doing so, finding a place will no longer be a difficult task. Just use the location code for your preferred destination and voila, you will find what you were looking for on the application.

Convenient Display

This application provides users with the most convenient way of getting the information. The display feature is bright and striking – super easy on the eyes. The various lines are marked with various colours to represent specific lines.

Search for a Specific Route

With the overload of information, it can be hard for you to pick what you personally want. Luckily, with this mobile application, there is a search function for users to choose a specific route as well as the location of the bus stop that they would need to go to for their preferred destination.

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