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Ministry highlights decrease in fainting

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Garment workers recover after fainting. Fresh News

The Labour Ministry yesterday said the number of fainting garment and footwear workers decreased in the first half of this year when compared to the same period last year.


Pok Vanthat, chairman of the Labour Ministry’s fainting research and prevention committee, said the number has decreased by 22 percent.

“There were 435 workers that fainted during the first six months of this year in only six factories across the country,” Mr Vanthat said. “These cases of fainting this year happened less than last year by 22 percent.”

He added that the number dropped because the Labour Ministry’s working group and other institutions disseminated information and educated workers, as well as factory managers, on how to prevent fainting among workers.

“Despite the decrease, the ministry will continue to disseminate information to them and we will do more to prevent fainting cases by training workers and factory managers and urging them to be careful with eating food and working overtime. We are also urging them to rest in order to maintain their good health,” Mr Vanthat said.

He noted that officials will fine factories that continuously experience fainting cases. Mr Vanthat said the Labour Ministry will inspect factories once a year in order to give an opportunity to employers, workers and unions to comply with its instructions.

“This is a new measure we have implemented in factories to reduce fainting cases,” Mr Vanthat said. “We do not want to annoy factory managers for inspecting them many times per year. This is why inspectors only come once a year.”

An officer helps transport garment workers to a clinic after a case of fainting. Fresh News

He added that every factory has a health and safety committee to monitor health and safety conditions.

“If inspectors find factories have not corrected their problems regarding insecurity, then factories will be fined,” Mr Vanthat said.

Out Tepphallin, deputy chief of the Labour Ministry’s National Committee for Health and Work Safety, yesterday said cases of fainting occur during the dry season.

“The number of fainting workers have decreased, but we are still urging the ministry to monitor factories to ensure that cases will no longer occur,” Ms Tepphallin said, adding that a good environment for workers ensure their health.

According to an annual report by the Labour Ministry, 1,825 workers fainted last year in 10 factories across the Kingdom.

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