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Hey Dude, you can make it better – with HelloMind

Raksa Umchan / Khmer Times Share:

It is time to take care of yourself. Start healing yourself inside out with HelloMind mobile application which is currently available only on App Store. Self-care is your current first priority which you should set your eyes on. If you do not take care of yourself, please also do not expect others to take care of you.

Problems such as Bad Sleep, Stress, and Low Self-Esteem can be your obstacles to a beautiful life. However, it is just a temporary issue. HelloMind uncovers the root of your problem and solve it once and for all. HelloMind provides users with a deep meditation method by using hypnotherapy. You will be guided to overcome bad lifestyle patterns and work through negative thoughts so you can find clarity and balance.

There are programmes divided into many categories. Users can choose the category which fits with their current issue, whether it is Bad Sleep issue, Stress issue or Low Self-Esteem. There are 30 sessions which are to be completed within 30 days with 30 minutes per day. Within these 30 days, it will reinforce positive emotions and strengthen enforcers whenever needed. Moreover, if you are not free and in need of quick relief from cracking, lack of focus, or anxiety, HelloMind also has Quick Fix sessions that are five minutes immediate temporary solutions. HelloMind will guide the user to the right treatment or Booster with simple questions. Choosing the right treatment is a very important part of the process. When you can consciously define the problem, your subconscious will know the solution. Even though currently is available only on App Store, it will soon available for Android users which is on Google Play.

5 minutes is also fine


If you want to heal yourself inside out strictly, it requires you to take the 30-minute session per day to meditate by using the app. However, if you think it is okay just to relax within a short period of time, the app also gives you the 5 minutes option for the user to choose.






What to Improve

As mentioned, the user can select what problem is needed to be solved by using the app. Here is the function which you can choose to help your inner self.







Go Deeper

Furthermore, the user can provide details of what they want to do by telling the app what their problem is. By selecting this function, the user can hit and heal what they really want to heal.







Keep Trcking

For the 30 minutes session, the app will keep the record for you. Additionally, you can enjoy the music from the app and relax your mind within this 30 minutes.







Feeling Better

After you have already used it daily, from day to day, you can observe yourself becoming a better self in terms of thinking — which leads the user to have a strong emotional and inner control, better than before.






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