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Spidey’s new spin for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Parker finds himself facing a tricky situation. Sony Pictures

If you haven’t watched Spider-Man: Far From Home, I am going to try to minimise the number of spoilers as I go on to review the movie.

First and foremost, the studio has managed to retain the campy fun theme Homecoming had going.

While the hype around the movie wasn’t as big as Captain Marvel, Spider-Man: FFH does a good job in concluding Phase 3 of MCU and establishes a more concrete foundation for the future of Spider-Man and most likely for the next phase of the cinematic universe.

A common question posed throughout the movie is if Spider-Man will be the next Iron-Man. While Peter Parker himself chooses to continue identifying himself as the friendly neighbourhood hero. We may most likely see the Falcon don a new outfit in the upcoming Disney+ series, Falcon and Winter Soldier, however rumours surrounding Spidey taking on Stark’s iron mantel may not materialise anytime soon.

Despite Miles Morales’ presence was teased in Homecoming, it may take a while before he swings into action. Marvel would certainly want Spider-Man to have a journey of his own, establishing his presence, very much like Stark’s and perhaps be the lead for the next generation of Avengers.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance on the other hand as Beck/Mysterio has certainly cemented his place among MCU’s iconic villains alongside likes of Blanchett’s Hela and Hiddleston’s Loki. The actor portrays the illusion expert with precision and strength, bringing audiences closer to Mysterio’s journey throughout the movie.

Spiderman swings into action in a new suit. Sony Pictures

Scorned by Iron Man’s take on his technology, Beck turns to others who feels the same way, unappreciated and taken by granted by the tech millionaire. While it would have been more refreshing to have another villain who isn’t scorned by Stark, Mysterio somehow finds himself motivated by personal aims later on in the movie.

Mysterio plays an important role in setting up for future events for our neighbourhood’s friendly superhero, having hidden one more trick up his sleeve before his demise. What this would mean for the upcoming Marvel movies is still uncertain but Spidey is certainly in for a turbulent ride.

If you enjoyed the visual thrill Dr Strange offered, you are certainly in for a ride with the CGI-effects Far From Home has installed for the audiences. The final battle scene certainly showed off Marvel’s capability to showcase a further usage of CGI in order maximise their offerings.

The final fight scene assimilated horror elements showcasing Watts’ prior experience as a director in the horror genre, certainly showcasing a different take on how terrifying villains can get on the big screen. His direction with Mysterio certainly showed his ability to use psychological methods instead to create an experience for the audience.

Spider-Man: Far From Home has certainly received positive reception for its direction and Peter Parker’s development into a more adult role while trying to maintain his high school persona had a good take throughout the movie.

While the movie doesn’t explicit showcase what’s in store for future movies, it certainly does justice in closing a chapter for fans who have stuck around since the days of the first Iron Man.

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