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Minister of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia lead delegation to attend ITU TelecomWorld 2016

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Minister of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cambodia lead delegation to attend ITU Telecom World 2016

ITU Telecom World 2016 opened in Bangkok,Thailand. Huawei’s exhibition space this year has the theme “Enabler of the Digital Economy, Building a Better Connected World”, and the company is presenting some of its latest ideas and experiences in cloud, national broadband networks, ultra-fast wireless communications, and smart devices. Huawei is encouraging countries around the world to make their ICT regulation more comprehensive but less restrictive. It says every country should be building more digital infrastructure to fuel a high quality economic transformation and long-term, sustainable growth.
We are now in a cloud era, and the shape of the cloud-powered digital society is emerging ever more clearly. Huawei is an innovative enabler for the information society, and a global leader in cloud technology. The company’s exhibits of government on cloud, industry on cloud, home on cloud, and person on cloud give a clear picture of what the digital society of the future will look like: Ubiquitous sensors, ubiquitous connectivity, and ubiquitous intelligence. There will be significant improvements in security, the quality of government services, education and healthcare, and in our material and cultural lives.
If the computers of the future, distributed all over the world, can pool and integrate their information, they can form a collective “digital brain” in the cloud: An engine for a more efficient society. Data centers and national broadband networks will be the hubs and neurons of this brain. As a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, Huawei is also presenting successful examples of national broadband networks delivered worldwide.
Virtual reality (VR) and 5G have been the hot new advances of 2016, and Huawei’s ultrafast VR and 5G wireless solutions attracted a lot of attention at Telecom World. New applications will create vast flows of data, and Huawei is calling on governments and regulators around the world to release more spectrum resources for telecommunications. This will allow carriers to put in place gigaband wireless technologies. The world should bring a spirit of openness and cooperation to 5G research so that a single, global standard can be defined. That will reduce costs, and enable the entire world to connect seamlessly.
Huawei also presented some much-anticipated consumer technology, including the P9 smartphone. Visitors to the exhibition were able to get hands on with the phone’s camera technology.
In the ITU Telecom World 2016, H.E. Minister Tram Iv Tek also made a keynote speech named “Growing the digital economy: the role of government”.
Minister mentioned that, Cambodia today continues on the path of economic and social progress under the leadership and guidance of our Samdech Prime Minister. Cambodian economy will continue its positive momentum as a result of the multi-sector developmental path outlined in the National Strategic Development Plan. Cambodia’s ICT sector is positioned at the core of this sustained economic and societal development, both as a driver and enabler of economic development. The Royal Government of Cambodia is highly engaged in promoting the use of ICT as well as development of ICT Infrastructures in the country. In fact, our law and policy documents attach a lot of importance not only to the development of the infrastructures but also to the integration of ICTs in the education system.
About 4,000 government officials, company executives, and industry leaders, from more than 100 countries, are visiting ITU Telecom World. The slogan of this year’s event is “Better Sooner, Accelerating ICT Innovation to Improve Lives Faster”, and it aims to show how ICT can support global development.

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