Dessert Makes Almost 140 Students Sick

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The students were taken to be treated after falling sick after eating their dessert. Supplied

Nearly 140 children were sent to hospital on Wednesday evening after eating dessert at their school in Oddar Meanchey province’s Trapaing Prasat district, according to police yesterday.
District police chief In Kay told Khmer Times yesterday that 139 students at a Christian-run school fell ill after eating a dessert made with ripe banana, coconut milk and sugar.
“Those students fell unwell and some were dizzy, had stomach pains and vomited, but we sent them to hospital right away. They are less than 15 years old and study from kindergarten to grade six,” he said.
Mr. Kay said he collected a sample of the dessert to send to the provincial food safety bureau for an examination to determine the cause of students’ illness.
“First, we suspected the sugar because when my official tasted it, it wasn’t sweet but bitter,” he said.
“We not only sent the students from the school to hospital, but we also called other students who had eaten the dessert and had returned home to check their health and make sure they were well.”
He added that most of the students had recovered and left the hospital yesterday.
“The school provides free classes to more than 500 students at the school, but some study in the morning and some in the afternoon. The students who fell ill study in the evening,” Mr. Kay said, adding that the school has provided free meals for many years without any problems.
He said that police did not arrest or detain any teachers nor the cook because there had been no intention to cause illness to the students.
Last month, nearly 150 students fell ill after eating fried rice with egg, corn and sausage in Takeo province’s Tram Kak district.

Sick students being treated after falling ill. Supplied

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Most of the students made quick recoveries after treatment. Supplied

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