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Ms. Tourism Metropolitan International at the Malaysian Embassy

Ms. Estonia Anna Liisa Virkus, Ms. Netherlands Kimberly Anna Helena, Ms. USA Yelinice Lopez

Ms. Malaysia Xandria Ban, Ms. Cambodia Hang Manita

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Malaysian Ambassador Dato’ Sri Hassan Malek and Tan Sri Danny Ooi with Ms. Tourism competitors

Sabine Horinouchi, Ms. Netherlands Kimberly Anna Helena, Ms. Japan Tomomi Kozawa, Japan Ambassador Hidehisa Horinouchi

Phillippines Ambassador Christopher B. Montero, Ms. Tourism Metropolitan Sheila Kirabo

Election Day at the  Exchange and tini cafe

 Kavich Neang and Daniel Mattes

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Miriam Lang, Jill Reimer, Amanda Coffin

Narith Sen, David Hunt, Kai Atkins, Reggie Weeks

Fly Master Class with  Lord Puttnam At The  French Institut

Lord Puttnam with the FLY team

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