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ASF fear strikes Takeo province

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Eang Sophalleth, a secretary of state at the Ministry of Environment, visits pig farmers in Tboung Khmum province. Facebook

Authorities in Takeo province are on the lookout for African Swine Fever following reports that hundreds of pigs are sick or dying in Angkor Borei district.

Agriculture Ministry officials are taking blood samples from sick animals to determine if they have been infected by ASF.

Tan Phannara, director of the General Department of Animal Health and Production, yesterday said since the end of June, reports are coming in from several people that pigs have died in the district.

Mr Phannara said that on Tuesday, after the number of sick or dead pigs rose to 200, the ministry instructed officials to conduct more blood tests to find out if ASF is present.

“The disease was not found in the first test, so we took blood samples from the pigs to check again,” he said. “The results have not been released yet and we are continuing to monitor the situation.”

Mr Phannara noted that officials are taking precautions and spraying disinfectant in affected areas and providing information about ASF to villagers.

Nheb Sron, director of Takeo province’s agricultural department, said that more than 200 sick and dead pigs were found in Angkor Borei district but the cause is still unknown.

“We are spraying disinfectant and educating farmers who raise pigs in Angkor Borei district on ASF and steps to prevent the disease from spreading,” he said.

Agriculture Minister Veng Sakhon on Tuesday said his ministry uncovered cases of ASF in two villages near the Vietnam border in Tboung Khmum province, the second province in the Kingdom to be hit by the disease after Ratanakiri.

Mr Sakhon instructed the General Department of Animal Health and Production to cull all pigs in the areas where ASF was detected, suspend pork trade, and prevent the transport of pigs and pork products within a three kilometre radius in affected areas.

Heng Piseth, director of the Tboung Khmum provincial agriculture, forestry and fisheries department, yesterday said that officials have been monitoring the case, but there is no new report of dead or sick pigs yet following the deaths of 10 animals from ASF since June 23.

“We are continuing to spray disinfectant, and have already sprayed the affected villages three times since the day of the outbreak,” he said. “We are continuing to take measures to prevent the spread of the disease.”

Eang Sophalleth, a secretary of state at the Ministry of Environment, visited pig farmers in Mien commune following the outbreak.

He has instructed them on how to prevent the spread of the disease, including separating sick pigs from healthy ones and burning the carcasses of dead animals.

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