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TFC wants teachers to Master skills

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Improving the quality of the educator is paramount to improving the local educational system. Teach for Cambodia (TFC) has come to a conclusion that secondary and high school teachers should have improved knowledge and methods in teaching in order to deal with the problems that abound in class.

Rector of RUPP Chet Chealy said every teacher needs to be equipped with both content knowledge and pedagogy. He added that the Education Ministry, the Royal University of Phnom Penh [RUPP] and TFC are joining hands to elevate the educational sector in Cambodia by upgrading teachers’ knowledge content and more.

“TFC is working at the grassroots level. As a non-profit organisation, it (TFC) has reflected the demands of the grassroots people to the educational provider like us. They are a significant messenger to help us improve on what is lacking to meet the target,” said Dr Chealy.

Convinced that educating teachers is tantamount to the task, TFC and RUPP recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) as partners to deliver an innovative Master of Education (M.ED) programme to all Cambodians who want to upskill in teaching. The MoU which was officially signed on June 21 is a crucial agreement that will last five years.

“They (fellows) will need to spend two years to complete their Masters programme. All the fellows have to go teach at any public school, which is the partner of TFC, and then identify problems and find a solution for the school in their Masters study,” said Dr Sok Soth, Dean of Faculty of Education at RUPP.

Following the initiative of the TFC programme, the candidates who are fresh university graduates, existing teachers, working professionals in engineering, information technology, psychology, social work, chemistry, professional communications, education, law and more are invited to take up the Masters programme with TFC-RUPP. Mr Soth added that the selected candidates are those who have high commitment in the teaching profession and have the passion to help the national education system.

“Most of the candidates have a high education profile. They are former Grade A students, with a few years’ experience in their field and outstanding students. And hopefully after the scholarship programme has finished, they will come together to improve education in the country,” said TFC founder Siv Monirath.

Some 300 candidates have applied for the fellowship programme, according to Mr Monirath. To date, there are 33 fellows selected for the Master of Education programme in Phnom Penh at the RUPP.

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