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Seminar to Discuss Safety

Sum Manet / Khmer Times Share:
The safety of the construction sector’s workforce remains a concern as most of

Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction is preparing to host a construction seminar next week that will discuss the criteria for issuing building permits and also tackle problems related to construction site management.
Lao Tip Seiha, deputy general director of the construction department at the ministry, told Khmer Times yesterday that the seminar will be held on November 10.
“We have invited developers, construction companies, and all relevant stakeholders to attend the seminar to discuss ways to overcome the current problems in the issuing of building permits and find ways to strengthen the process,” said Mr. Seiha.
The application for a construction permit can be a daunting process, with no less than 20 steps and rigorously detailed requirements right down to the stipulated “folding format” of the application document.
Mr. Seiha said that the 1994 Law on Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction sets firm time limits on the application process. The problem, he points out, is that many people are unaware of the process and submit incorrect application forms.
“If the application documents are not prepared properly, officials will return them to the applicant and the 45-day process will begin again once the forms are submitted correctly,” he said. This often leads to confusion about the length of the application process, he added.
Sorn Seap, founder and director of Key Real Estate and executive vice president of the Cambodian Valuers and Estate Agents Association, said the seminar will also discuss issues related to construction site management and worker safety.
Mr. Seap, who took part in a seminar planning meeting with the ministry said the safety of the construction sector’s workforce remains a concern as most of them are unskilled and paid daily.
“The seminar will discuss a safety code for them,” he said. “Right now there is none and there are no mandatory provisions for construction companies to be responsible for workers’safety.”
Mr. Seap said the seminar will also discuss trends in the country’s construction sector.
“Are we seeing a downturn in the construction sector? If we are, how are stakeholders preparing themselves to weather it? These are questions we need to ask.”
The seminar, according to officials, will also discuss recommendations made by the UK-based Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in a report to the Cambodian government on how to improve the country’s building standards.

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