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People and Progress: Thalias continues to better lives


“Put people first” and “initiate change to progress” are mottos Thalias’ core values greatly resonate with.

Mathilde Vasseur, Thalias CSR manager, believes that social responsibility is a direct corollary of their hospitality mission as a company. This includes an array of social missions; contributing to poverty reduction, diversity and inclusion, as well as protecting the environment and taking care of their guests and staff members’ well-being.

“In my opinion, CSR commitment is a necessity for the durability of any business,” Mathilde says, adding that it is also a way of meeting their guests’ experience, as they are more and more involved in ethical consumerism.

Thalias’ CSR initiatives started with the same ambition of improving their employees’ way of life, where the company’s staff get to enjoy dedicated advantages such as insurance, meals, uniforms, as well as discount prices and rewards.

The recent Thalias Employees Welfare Association (TEWA) is an initiative that was created as a safety net for their staff, allowing them to receive emergency funding in case of unforeseen or unavoidable event (fire, natural disaster, death of member or member’s immediate family).

Mathilde highlights the company’s engagement in environmental protection and climate change, for example through a workshop they did with their suppliers from the markets. It was to raise awareness on how to reduce plastic waste and to avoid plastic bags.

Their collaborations with their suppliers have seen positive changes among their staff and with their suppliers’ behavior towards plastic reduction.

“Based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have put forth our priorities to work on. The company is committed to the three pillars of CSR,” says Mathilde.

Thalias has set up procedures and sustainable projects within the company and in Cambodia. For instance, Thalias’ CSR ambassadors have implemented the waste separation and recycling process.

They have also developed the Standard Operation Procedures, which are step-by-step instructions on how to achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.

“Our digitisation process is an example of our initiatives towards innovation and the reduction of paper,” says Mathilde.

Acknowledging that there is a lot of consumer issues in the world to tackle, Mathilde is optimistic there are also many public and private initiatives in the country that allows a company such as Thalias to find solutions to give a positive impact back to the community.

“CSR initiatives can always be improved and developed, as a consequence, our CSR actions will help us to drive transformation and growth,” Mathilde says.

She is positive Thalias will continuously enhance their engagement towards the environment, as well as their social actions for the community through new potential partnerships, education and collaboration.

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