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Realizing Sustainable Development of Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone through Concept of “Win-Win of Eight Parties”

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In April, 2018 SSEZ participated in the award ceremony for outstanding students of Betrang Primary and Secondary Friendship School of Preah Sihanouk—Jiangsu and donated school supplies.

SENG SIVLY, a Cambodia girl, works as translator of COLIA LEATHER (CAMBODIA) Co. Ltd. within Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (hereinafter referred to SSEZ). “I don’t want her to be like me and sell sugarcane juice the whole life. Currently she found a good job after learning Chinese, and her income was improved greatly. ”Speaking of daughter, SENG SIVLY’s father is very proud of her. In fact, SENG SIVLY learned Chinese on the free Chinese training course in SSEZ. This is also the concrete embodiment of “win-win of eight parties” SSEZ co-builds with such eight parties as shareholder, employee, client, supplier, partner, government, environment and society (community) and fulfills social responsibility so that local people can feel real “sense of acquisition”.

Chinese Training Class

“Teach someone ways of fishing” from the root

“Teach someone ways of fishing instead of offering them fish”. SSEZ will never forget to start from the root and enhance villagers’ livelihood skills by donating funds to teach them Chinese free of charge. As early as the start-up period, SSEZ has mobilized employees to use off-duty time to teach Chinese to local students in schools nearby. At that time,there was no electricity supply in the village in the evening. Teachers brought their own lighting and tea, and took turns to attend school. After the students finished their studies, they were recommended to work in enterprises in SSEZ.

Later, in order to offer better learning facilities for local students and villagers, SSEZ and Wuxi Vocational Institute of Commerce together launched free training class since June, 2012. Up till now, 14 sessions have been conducted, and 40,000 students/times participated in the training courses. SSEZ also donated two batches of Cambodian students to further study in China to cultivate bilingual talents who are good at operation and management.

What’s more, SSEZ is very concerned about the studies and life of local students. When noticed that some students were dropped out from school because of poverty, SSEZ initiated “One to One” activity immediately to help them. Every year on Children’s Day and graduation ceremonies, SSEZ would donate learning supplies to school students and encourage them to study hard.

In May, 2016, SSEZ donated drinking water to villagers affected by drought.

Enthusiasm for public welfare to benefit local people

On the occasion of the Khmer New Year this year, the staff of SSEZ came to the villages nearby to offer condolences to poor families, and provided them with such daily necessities as rice, oil, drinks, mosquito nets, mattresses, quilts etc.. “Now we are selling vegetables in SSEZ, and the family living conditions has improved a lot. It is SSEZ that gives us hope,” said one of the poor households, Guy Sreinin.

While promoting employment, SSEZ is enthusiastic about public welfare and philanthropy, frequently extending its assistance hand, and its direct donation activities have hardly stopped over the past ten years. At the foundation ceremony of SSEZ in February 2008, donations were made for the construction of local schools and to the Cambodian Red Cross every year. In order to expand the support force and enable more people to participate in charitable activities, SSEZ launched the Cambodia-China Friendship Charity Volunteer Union (CCFCVU)in March 2016. In light of the actual needs of local poor students, women and families, SSEZ carried out assistance activities positively. These include taking the lead in donating drinking water to disaster victims to alleviate their urgent needs in the event of drought; donating mosquito nets, rice and other daily necessities to poor women on International Women’s Day; and donating cement to villages nearby to pave roads when local traffic conditions are extremely unfavorable.

In April, 2019, SSEZ staffs and members of CCFCVU offered condolences to poor families nearby.

While enjoying social resources, enterprises should bear social responsibility and make efforts to repay the society, which is also the guarantee for enterprises to achieve healthy and sustainable development. Over the past ten years, SSEZ has been practicing the concept of “win-win of eight parties” and taking the social responsibility as the mission of enterprise development, so that more people can share the development fruits.

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