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HUAXIN Cement continually holds the business philosophy that Enterprise carries out the sustainable development with resource-saving and environmentally friendly. During the development procedure of CKT Company, there are different types of CSR (Cooperate Social Responsibility) activities have been organized in Cambodia.

• HUAXIN Cement Co.,Ltd is a leading enterprise in construction materials industry in China. As one of overseas company of HUAXIN Cement ,Cambodia Cement Chakrey Ting Factory CO., LTD (Abbreviated name below: CKT company) has a long history in Cambodia. In the 1960s, with the support from Chinese government and help from HUAXIN’s expert team, CKT company had become the first Cambodia cement plant and China Aid program located in Kampot province.

• In the 2010s, HUAXIN Cement invested over 150 million dollars and rebuild new production lines in origin CKT plants. In February 2015, far more premium cement was launched on market, meanwhile, over 300 new local job opportunities have been provided by CKT company.


With Business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for the society. Two of educational foundation programs have been organized:

♥ “I Love Cambodia” Educational Foundation Program of Bayon Cement

This educational project was established in September 2016. CKT company has donated 1000 Riels per ton of Bayon Cement Sales to “I LOVE CAMBODIA” Educational Foundation Program.

♥ “Open Chinese Class” in Local School

With the educational care for children, the local Chinese class has been opened for all children locally. Nowadays, the local children can access to learn Chinese language in the community.


As we have known that the green growth and sustainable society play role to promote the quality of human being’s life, the environmental improvement is with our business approach as always.

♥ Guiding staffs to love, clean and protect the environment

With company’s concepts loving and caring for the sustainable developing with clean environment, we teach and guide our staffs to love, clean, and protect the environment. Some activities that has been organized by company such as cleaning the factory surrounding, collecting the rubbish in Kampot downtown, Kep beach , and having the beautiful and clean working places so on and so forth.

♥ Decorate environment and facilitate the public

CKT company is working hard to provide everyone in the community the convenience by means of donating the public seating chairs or something else to the community in needs. Beautify the neighborhood environment!


CKT’s objective is to provide the working environment with various sized team of equally passionate and creative people while still maintaining a friendly and respectful work environment for the community & humanitarian assistance.

♥ Propagate Safety Culture and Concept to society

Safety is the most important orientation in HUAXIN & CKT company culture. They are not only emphasizing on the safety regulations in company, but also conveying the safety concept to the society!

♥ Providing the help to the nearby villagers in the community

CKT company staff are always with the local villagers and care for their social welfare. Generally, while local villagers need economic assistance during their economic crisis for some natural disasters such as flood and drought, we always provide them some economic helps.

♥ Support the Cambodian Red Cross

CKT is one Long-standing Donor of Cambodian Red Cross and contribute to help the poor community nationwide. Our donation enables the Cambodian Red Cross to respond and help some people recover from the disaster.

♥ Show Sympathy to local disabled orphan

Learning acceptance is the fundamental of having an understanding approach to the disability awareness which hence can take place anywhere such as at home, school, workplace, health institutes, etc. … Disability awareness in schools and community is extremely important because it educates students and local people in the community so they may become better citizens.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Cambodia and China, all of the CKT Staff will stay true to the mission and keep moving forward! we will not only create value for the customers and company, but also take active responsibility to CSR practice, representing good enterprise image of China in Cambodia society!

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