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Corporate social responsibility program


1. Why “Enriching the Community”?

• Reach more Cambodian communities
• Boost social welfare through education support
• Address infrastructure gaps
• Support health and wellness
• Promote environmental protection

2. How did we accomplish this?

• Continued and expanded our work in Kandal Province
• Working with education NGOs, namely Aide-Ed-Action (AEA), iLEAD International School and local authorities, to meet pre-school education needs
• Activating our networks to raise funds and support

3. What did we achieve as at December 2018?

• 3 pre-schools constructed
• 3 communities strengthened
• 280 primary children educated
• 6 teachers trained and supported
• 120 RHB staff participated
• 40 volunteers engaged
• USD 50,000 raised + in-kind donations

4. How did we do it?

• Encouraged RHB staff across the Country to participate in fund raising and volunteering for construction works
• Mobilized volunteers and our partners / customers
• Engaged local communities
• Reached out to kind-hearted customers and business partners for support, contribution and volunteers

5. Who has benefited?

• Children: receiving quality pre-school education for the first time
• Teachers: expert training, materials and financial support
• Communities: supported for future development
• RHB: strengthened ties with Cambodian communities and among staff

6. Testimonial from recipient teacher

“I became a teacher because I love to share my knowledge with children, so that they will help to shape Cambodia’s future. The support of RHB Bank in the creation of this school, the support for the teachers, and for caring about this community has been amazing. I feel better able to teach the children here, and I know they will benefit greatly for years to come.”

7. How does the future look?
• Long-term support of AEA, iLEAD and rural education
• Buildings and training provide for the future
• Community participation to ensure SUSTAINABILITY

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