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Forbidden romance blooms in ‘One Spring Night’

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Two young lovebirds face hurdles and stigma in their quest for love and happiness in this South Korean drama. MBC

Jung Hae-In is back on the small screen after his debut in Something In The Rain back in 2018, leading another romantic role in One Spring Night (봄밤), this time alongside actress, Han Ji-Min.

The show follows the lives, Yoo Ji-Ho (Jung Hae-In), a pharmacist who comes across Lee Jeong-In (Han Ji-Min) , who pays a visit to his pharmacy hoping to seek a solution for her hangover from the night before, instantly sparking hints of potential romance for both characters.

Spring brings forth new love

While Korean romance dramas have been known to go above and beyond to place their characters in the most ill-fated situation before presenting a happy ending, One Spring Night departs slightly away from unrealistic notions of forbidden romance.

Currently in its 9th episode, Yoo-Ji Ho is presented as a single dad who faces pressure from his doting mother to get married, however only to women who has been married before, on the notion that only married women would be able to understand Ji-Ho’s situation.

However, Ji-Ho’s pursuit of Jeong-In puts him in an even more complicated situation as he finds out she is in a relationship with an alumnus of his university, Kwon Ki-Seok (Kim Jun-Han), who happens to be basketball rivals with Ji-Ho.

Unbeknownst to Ji-Ho in the beginning, Jeong-In’s relationship with Ki-Seok is heading downhill, various scenes across the season presenting Jeong-In constantly on her nerves, having to tolerate Ki-Seok’s traditional comments as well as his dad’s initial disapproval of his fondness for Jeong-In.

While both lead characters have somewhat found themselves coming back to each other, after multiple attempts at it, they may just find themselves in a more complicated maze of potential problems.

With Gi-Seok lurking around, in denial of the predicament he is in, the couple will have to watch their backs for any potential backlash.

One Spring Night is also presented with an array of other characters; with Jeong-In’s sisters getting into sticky situations themselves.

The show explores themes of feminism and traditional Korean beliefs imposed onto the modern lives of the characters; with more vocal female characters on leading their lives without traditional marriage beliefs and Director Ahn Pan-Seok does an excellent job with the direction of the show, once again showcasing his repeated success on ‘Something in the Rain’.

Supporting role characters are given enough contexts to keep fans equally interested in the lives of others in the show without having the lead characters overshadow the roles of the supporting characters completely.

Rachel Yamagata returns to lend her vocals alongside Oscar Dunbar. Soundtracks, No Direction, Is It You, Spring Rain and We Could Still Be Happy sets the right tone at the right scene, further enhancing the chemistry between Hae-In and Ji-Min.

The show has continued to break personal records with their latest episode reaching newer heights. According to Nielsen Korea, the June 19 broadcast of “One Spring Night” recorded nationwide viewership of 5 and 8.1 percent. One Spring Night airs every Wednesday on Netflix.

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