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Asana,the web application that amazes

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Are you looking for an application that provides you a place to organize team projects effectively? Currently, Asana gives its user easier access in using the service not only on the website but also a mobile app via which the user can get notifications and alerts on the tasks they are doing easily.

Asana is a shared task list where you and your coworkers can assign, share, and manage project details. In addition, the user can also attach files from Dropbox, as well as images, and the app syncs in real time.

It will play a role in helping you organise team projects. Using this app ensures that no matter where you are, you can capture tasks, to-do lists, reminders and ideas in a convenient way. Moreover, you can do follow ups and keep up with updates from your teammate in an effective way, organizing the tasks and projects for work or manage your to-do-list for the day easily.

With Asana’s mobile application, you can stay on top of your work from anywhere. Just go to your device store, either on App Store or Google Play and type ASANA in the search and you can download it at no cost.


Track Team Projects

After you have got this app on your device, you can start using it. However, you need to have your own account to use this app. Create your own account by providing your email and some background information. After all this is done, you can start creating or involving your team members projects.

Know What has to Be Done

Asana has a function for you to set the tasks and reminders. Once the time comes, it will alert you with the notification. You can add task to-do, set reminders, and suggest ideas and so forth. Just add a due date, assignees, followers detail and files to your tasks, then everything will be good to go.

Get Updated

You now can create a project to organize your tasks in list or boards. You can use the conversation to share the announcement with your team, ask a question in a project, or comment on a task. By doing so, you can keep up with the project that you are working on. The person or a group of people who responded on that will get the notifications in the respective Inbox about the projects. You can also send a teammate quick replies with a like or comment directly from the Inbox.

Add Detail

Once you already add a task, you may also want to detail what to do within the particular area, so you can also add details.

Visualize Your Work

Furthermore, this app also gives the user the function that let you post photos or any other activity of the group involved in the project.

Know Who is Involved

The user can also know all of the projects and team members. In addition, you can also chat with those people individually.

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