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Ministry to issue proclamation on health goods sold online

Khy Sovuthy / Khmer Times Share:
Health Minister Mam Bun Heng poses for a photo with CYP president Pich Sros, left. Fresh News

Health Minister Mam Bun Heng yesterday said the ministry is months away from issuing a proclamation to regulate cosmetics and health products sold online.

Mr Bun Heng said the ministry will issue the proclamation in August and that it will require companies selling health and cosmetic products online to register.

“We will issue a proclamation in August and we will request all online sellers of cosmetics, health and energy products to register at the Health Ministry so we can manage them,” Mr Bun Heng said. “We will respond to the sellers and the ministry will provide licenses.”

According to Mr Bun Heng, sellers will not need to bring their documents to the ministry in order to be approved for a license. Instead, registration is done online in order to reduce processing time.

He said that by having sellers registered with the ministry, customers will know which products are ministry-certified.

“It will help us manage products and reduce counterfeit products,” Mr Bung Heng said. “All online sellers please respect the law.”

Pich Sros, president of the Cambodian Youth Party and member of the Supreme Consultative Council, said Mr Bun Heng told the SCC yesterday that the ministry is preparing a draft law to regulate the products online.

“The health minister will organise a law to manage cosmetic, health and energy products sold online to ensure quality is fit for consumption because some people have suffered from online shops who sell without a license,” Mr Sros said.

He noted that some products sold online are produced in makeshift facilities and do not meet safety standards.

He said many sellers lie online in order to attract customers. In turn, consumption of these products have affected people’s health.

“I think it’s good if the ministry issues a proclamation or a sub-decree to manage products sold online because we need to protect people’s health,” Mr Sros said. “Online sellers, please do not lie in order to sell your goods because doing so damages the health of the people.”

An online seller who requested anonymity said a proclamation on the control of health products sold online would be good.

“I would respect and support the ministry’s regulation,” the seller said. “I think that if the ministry does this, it will be able to reduce the amount of fake products.”

In May last year, the Interior Ministry issued a wide-ranging appeal for vigilance against counterfeit products after more than 200 tonnes of fake products, including cosmetics, were destroyed.

In March, Interior Minister Sar Kheng ordered the ministry’s Counter Counterfeit Committee to crack down harder on those distributing counterfeit products in the Kingdom.

During a ceremony to destroy 70 tonnes of fake goods, Mr Kheng said that the availability of fake goods tarnishes the Kingdom’s reputation among foreign visitors.

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