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We all want perfect photos on our social media accounts, don’t we? In this ‘selfie’ era when everyone’s obsessed with post-worthy photos, getting hundreds of likes on Facebook and Instagram has become a source of self-validation. That’s why we all have photo-editing software and apps on our laptops and phones.

But contrary to common belief, editing photos like a pro is not complicated at all. There are only two basic photo editing software you have to learn – Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. These two software are very useful in editing photos for social media posting or for professional usage such as magazines and publications.

The photographers of well-known travel vlog, Runaway Cambodia, reveal their secrets on how they transform simple photos to incredible works of art. Va Sonyka gets tips from Sovanpong Va and Dara Lor.

Adobe Lightroom

Sovanpong says natural colours are good, but sometimes, they make the photos look dull and less artistic. Colour is the first thing people see in photos, or in any work of art for that matter. It is what draws people’s attention into something.

As a photographer and editor, Sovanpong doesn’t really trust the tone of each image taken from different cameras. The tone changes, depending on the camera model used and the quality of the lens. Thus, the need to use a lighting expert.

“Adobe Lightroom is the first software I use in order to change image tones to natural colours or to completely change the colour of a photo. This software brings out the best in an image,” says Sovanpong.

In Lightroom, you can reduce the noise of the photo or edit specific parts of the image. For Sovanpong, Lightroom is “my magic color editing tool”.

Adobe Photoshop

Improving the colour of your photo is not enough. Dara Lor, another photographer and editor of Runaway Cambodia, says the next step of photo editing is Adobe Photoshop. A great photo needs to look alive, therefore, adding some beauty and some graphics into it is highly recommended.

Dara uses Adobe Photoshop, saying it’s his favourite tool. If you are a Runaway Cambodia fan, you would notice the creative graphics they add to each photo. Dara, the Photoshop expert in the team says, “I use pen tool to draw the shape of some maps we put on the photo. But don’t forget to decrease the opacity of the map so it will not distract the original photo”.

The other useful tools of Adobe Photoshop are the magic wand and the brush. The text tool is also helpful in adding text details to the image.

Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop are available in App Store and Play Store. Smartphone users can download them as basic photo editing tools – whether it’s for personal or professional use. The young photographers of Runaway Cambodia recommend to have these applications in phones for easy usage. There are also a lot of filters one can choose from.

Step by step landscape photo editing with graphics:

1. Choose colour-adjusted photo from Lightroom to Photoshop. A wide background would be good to add a map on.

2. Add the map. Bring your existing map to the screen and use the pen tool to draw. Decrease map’s opacity.

3. Use magic wand tool to select lines and use half-tone brush to draw.

4. Add text on the specific location on the photo.

Done! Your photo is now ready to gain thousands of likes!



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