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Ministry and PM Warn of Rain, Flooding

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
More flooded streets and roads are expected throughout the country. KT/Mai Vireak

Prime Minister Hun Sen appealed to people throughout the country, especially those living in lowland and highland areas, to be careful as heavy rain and flooding is expected from Wednesday to Sunday.
Mr. Hun Sen issued the warning in a post on his Facebook page yesterday, while the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology issued a statement warning of potential flooding as well.
“Please, citizens throughout the country, especially people living in the highlands and middle lowlands, pay special attention and be careful with the rain and floods occurring from October 12 to 16,” he said.
He also told farmers to be careful in areas with heavy rain and to try and retain water for areas that receive little rain to supply crops, especially rice crops, in both the rainy and dry seasons.
In its statement, the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology said Typhoon Aere, the 19th to hit China this year, will weaken and turn into a low pressure system.
It added that this low pressure system will have a strong influence on the South China Sea and Cambodia. It has already moved to the south of Cambodia and is increasing its influence there and in the Mekong delta area.
“This phenomenon will cause rain to fall everywhere in the country, especially in the highland and middle lowland areas, which will start from October 12-16,” read the statement.
“Please be careful this week in the towns and provinces in the middle lowlands and highlands because more serious flooding is expected this time.”

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