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One space for the creative minds

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With the opening of Futures Factory, young artists, entrepreneurs and innovators now have a place to practice their passion and learn from other experts. Supplied

Imagine working in an environment where everyone you see and everywhere you look, you can find only passion and creativity. Imagine being in a place where learning and sharing are everyone’s mission, and succeeding is everyone’s goal.

Well, imagine it no more. The official opening of the Futures Factory is the answer to all young innovators and entrepreneurs’ clamor for a co-working space that gives the spotlight to everyone’s ideas.

The Futures Factory promises a safe and healthy environment for the future innovators of the Kingdom. Supplied

Last Sunday’s ‘The Futures Festival’ welcomed people inside a pleasant and open environment that is expected to soon be filled with talented individuals who want to explore their crafts with the help of others. The co-working space aims to provide a safe environment for people who want to engage in more social and educational activities, and use their learning to succeed.

More than 30 young designers, potential artists, innovators and pioneers of different social enterprises gathered together at the Futures Factory on Sunday for fashion design and artwork exhibitions and film showing. Around 800 guests witnessed the passion and effort poured out by the young people who strive to be the best in their chosen fields.

Christine Ege, Futures Factory Project Coordinator, said that the Futures Factory is created to make sure that young people out there have enough opportunity to engage and be involved in the society where they can gather together to think, discuss and learn.

“We want to see young people to have a place where they can actively involve in social and educational activities to create, invent, and innovate things with a secured feeling and trustful environment.”

A fashion challenge was also held to not just uplift fashion standard in Cambodia, but to also raise awareness on recycling and waste management. Models walked gracefully on the catwalk and showed off their dresses made from recycled materials by young designers from Friends International. The audiences were in awe of the great talents presented right into their very eyes.

Several food, handicraft and souvenir stalls were also arranged in the area, giving everyone access to delightful sweets and cute items.

The Futures Festival also included a live concert by the popular group, Small World Small Band, and the young performers from The Sound Initiative that brought more fun and entertainment in an already ecstatic atmosphere.

Before the event ended, a number of acclaimed films written, directed and produced by Cambodian women and local production companies were presented to the public.

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