Khae Toch

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It is almost 12 in the evening. The wind is blowing gently through my hair and body while the moon is shining bright like a diamond in the sky surrounded by countless stars. And I am here on the balcony reading my favourite book, ‘Khae Toch’.

‘Khae Toch’, translated in English as ‘Little Moon’, is a combination of Khmer poetry and love letters written by Heng Raksmey, an artist from Kampot province.

The book depicts the hopeless love life of a girl being ignored and left by her lover. The boy came to her life and taught her to stand up for herself when she was so depressed, anxious and weak. But then he left her and made her suffer even more.

With all feelings of despair, she hopes that nature and poem would heal all her wound. So, she sends all the grief immersed in her heart through the moon, sea, wind, land and sky – hoping that nature would save her from burden and pain.

“If I were braver than this, I would leave you. I would go and create my own world where there are only me and my loneliness. I would build a hopeless love house and plant all the memories of us as a garden. Every morning and evening, I would save all my tears to water all those memories. Because only the memories can console this desperate heart. And every night, I would invite the moon to listen to all my hidden stories and write down all the grief as the poem. I know the moon is always looking and taking care of me from that side.”

Sometimes, we don’t know how powerful the poem is in calming our anxious soul. And we quite often take for granted the presence of nature in healing our sadness. When times are tough and we find no one to share the grief with, writing it down through any kind of art does shake the stress off – somehow. That’s why the author tries to express the feeling of a broken hearted girl through the collection of Khmer poetry and connect it with nature.

The book may sound a bit sad. But personally, it really helps me to have some peace of mind. The words used, the emotions put into every stanza and the rhythm of the poem are really beautiful and magical. Every sentence seems to bring me to another planet full of romantic feelings and colourful imagination. It helps me to relax after a long and hard day at school.

May the moon shine even brighter and help take away your sadness, dear readers. Author: Heng Raksmey

Publication: Orntrak Cheat


Heng Raksmey is a 22 year old romantic poet based in Koh Kong province. What started as mere fondness to maintain a personal diary eventually opened the doors for the passionate writer to publish her own books, where she can pour out her emotions and ideas.

Raksmey started writing in 2014, believing that she can best express her feelings through penned words. Last year, she published her first two poetry compilations called Khae Toch and Mealdey, which both bear her rawest emotions and stories.

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