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Metfone to Bring Innovative Technology Closer to Millions to Cambodian Students


MetFone, the Kingdom’s leading Telecommunications Operator, will provide its latest technology and innovation, especially under its 4G Internet coverage, to millions of students and teachers in Cambodia for the upcoming academic year 2017-2018 nationwide. 
In early July, Metfone signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to renew the agreement with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) to provide free internet to schools across the country.
Under the five-year-project, Metfone will provide free online connections to all public schools, teacher training centers, universities, provincial departments of education and also the ministry’s headquarters in Phnom Penh.
Currently, MetFone’s super-fast 4G LTE network covers every district in the Kingdom and more than 90 percent of the population.
Metfone’s vice general director Nhong Dinthan said that for the upcoming academic year, the company is keen to partner with MoEYS to help students and teachers access to the latest technology and innovation with the best quality, allowing them to do further research for their studies. 
“We promise to accompany MoEYS to support students and teachers to have a successful school year ahead. We will use our latest technology to give the best service, best quality and best support to all of them,” Mr. Dinthan said. 
“The partnership between Metfone and MoEYS will continue in the future for sure. We promise to use innovative technology in continuation of our previous partnership. We have the largest coverage in the country, from big cities to remote rural areas, which enables students and teacher to have a new way of study and research,” he added. 
Ros Salin, a spokesman for MoEYS expressed his appreciation for the support from MetFone in providing free internet to students and teachers in order to build their ICT capacity and further research.
“The cooperation between MoEYS and MetFone will give accessibility to students who can study at school and easily do research with the free internet provided by MetFone, hence they have broader opportunity to learn new things. This means that our students can improve their basic ICT knowledge to the next level,” Mr. Salin said. 
“Meanwhile our country is very open, I do believe that our students will take the chance that MetFone help us, to improve their knowledge in using this technology in the right way,” he added. 
Last year, Metfone decided to sponsor Kong Divin who gained Silver Medal at Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015 competition to study in Singapore on Microsoft Power Point division complying with its promise to give this golden chance to those who won the medal. 
While three new candidates are taking part in the same competition this year, Kong Divin, from University of Puthisastra, travelled to Singapore and has been studying for his major. 
“I am studying MSc. Information Studies through Information Analytics track at Nanyang Technological University in Wee Kim Wee School Communication and Information,” said Kong at that time. 
“To be able to study in one of the finest universities in Asia, if not, the world, is like a dream come true. First, I thought it was only about the recognition of the degree, but it is much more than that,” Kong added. 
Mr.Salin said that whilst MetFone is providing their latest technology and innovation, the MoEYS is also setting up a program for this new academic year for ICT capacity building for teachers.      
“From, the new academic year, we set a framework to have ICT training for teachers’s capacity building during the academic vacation. At the same time, the cooperation from MetFone, is a big help for us to support the program,” he added. 
According to Mr. Nhong Dinthan at the time of previous partnership, the technology used was copper cable (for  FTTH) and 3G service and now his company will use optical cable (for  FTTH ) and 4G service while the installation will be faster and the internet speed will be much faster and more stable. 
“We have more than 20,000km cable and the most 4G BTSs in Cambodia, we believe we will provide the best quality,” said Mr. Dinthan “So far, more than 300 schools have been brought under internet coverage this year. We will continue to expand with a view to bringing internet to more students and teachers.” 

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