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Some people land a job effortlessly, some don’t. Some young people, especially those who have newly graduated, find it hard to get their dream jobs mainly because they don’t know how and where to obtain the right information on the application requirements and process.

Employers get the same dilemma. Because there’s only very few ways to find the best employees, they settle to whoever walks right into the office first and apply for vacant positions.

But thanks to modernity, it is now easier and more convenient to look for jobs, apply for them and get hired immediately. Employment agencies, job fairs by public and private sectors, online job sites, job apps are everywhere, making the job-hunting a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience for the newbies, the experienced and the seniors.

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In order to increase the employment rate in the country, the Ministry of Labour has been putting huge efforts in promoting job vacancies in public and private sectors. Located in the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training, the National Employment Agency is the place where you can always find available jobs that might just be the right fit for your skills and educational background. It is not only where you can check for job vacancies, it is also where you can ask for job consultation. Follow the Facebook page of National Employment Agency for more information and updated job vacancy list.


Now you don’t have to worry much about unemployment because there are plenty of chances that await you. Several times in a year, different organisations conduct local and overseas job fairs which give qualified applicants to show off their skills and be hired on the same day or be called back for the next level. Employers love to conduct job fairs as this is where they find good employees – the patient, determined, driven ones (because being in the line for hours just to get interviewed isn’t a joke). The biggest National Career and Productivity Fair is always held at Koh Pich Exhibition Center every October. Organisers also hold job advisory session fairs where young adults can be guided in visualising their dream jobs.

You can get job fair information from the National Employment Agency, the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center and other organisations.


In this day when technology rocks and rules, everyone has access to Internet. When you have a smartphone in hand, you can easily get connected with people, services, companies, products and events – and yes, even your future employers! There are thousands of job websites and mobile applications you can check out to find the job you want. In Cambodia, anyone can easily visit and scan through Bongthom, PelPrek, Camhr, NEA and Everjobs.

You can also download mobile applications such as Khmer All Job to get notifications and updates on job announcements.

You may have heard about Bong Pheak, a social media platform that aims to connect employesr to low-skilled workers. The Bong Pheak’s Facebook page hopes to make it easy for low-skilled workers to search for jobs in construction, manufacturing, security and the likes.




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