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Thai government to provide free education for children of migrant workers

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migrant workers
The children of Cambodian migrant workers who follow their parents to work in Thailand. Bayon TV

The Thai government is set to provide free education for children of Cambodian migrant workers, according to officials.


Sompong Sravaen, founder and director of Thailand’s Labour Rights Network Foundation, on Monday said that a new government policy in Thailand will provide free education to children of Cambodian migrant workers.

Mr Sravaen met with officials at the Interior Ministry to discuss the new policy.

“The Thai government will provide the opportunity for Cambodian children to get free education after the government observed that many Cambodian children did not receive any education and did not know their native language, since they had to follow their parents who have found work in Thailand,” Mr Sravaen told reporters through a translator.

He added that without education, children are prone to trafficking.

Mr Sravaen said that the Thai government will provide free education for students from the kindergarten level and up to high school.

He noted that the Thai government would provide free education to Cambodian children, as well as children of other foreign countries, whose parents are legal migrant workers in Thailand.

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