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What’s next? I wish I could tell you. art.com

Days ago, on my way home, I bumped into this old friend.

Well, it was kind of a planned-unplanned meet up.

Long story short, when shit happens, life happen,s too… it was meant to meet her that day.

She’s a former colleague but she’s more than that, she’s like family to me.

Her motherly care was a big help when I made two big career decisions: she was there when I decided to stay and she was also with me when I decided to go on to the next phase of life and leave everything behind.

I owe her a lot.

In more or less an hour of talking and catching up with her, we’ve discussed her career steps, people from the previous company and a lot more.

Until down to the last 10 minutes before I left, she stopped talking about others and herself and turned the spotlight on me.

“What’s your plan?”

“How long do you intend on living a life like that, away from home?”

And I got stunned. I was expecting that from her, but I didn’t prepare for an answer.

But I somehow managed to say, “I don’t know… not sure. You know I don’t plan and that usually, I just get disappointed when I do but one thing I’m sure of now is I am happy. In fact, I am not just happy but also contented and fulfilled, both personally and professionally and life has been so kind to me.”

She just smiled and reminded me of how proud she was of the decisions I have made and of where I am now. And that she got my back always.

That’s what matters most, my happiness and fulfilment… that I am growing.

I continued on telling her how the life away from home changed me.

And we ended our chitchat with cat talks.

It was a good trip down the memory lane and at the same time a refreshing reminder of what really matters in life.

Millennials at work

Now speaking of work plans, in an online content produced in June 2017 under the umbrella of KPMG International, a network of professional service firms, entitled Meet the Millennials, it was said that “curiosity made the millennial”.

“Millennials” — they want to enjoy their working experience.

In the same online content by KPMG, they said Millennials are the first generation to use the word “fun” to describe their dream job and that they really embody the sentiment that life is too short to be stuck in a dead-end job.

Known as the job-hopping generation, tempting millennials through the door is only one part of the puzzle. Since statistics suggest that both younger millennials and female millennials seem more compelled to explore other options, they need to feel the urge to stay put the most.

On a personal note, it’s not just about the fun.

We, millennials, are suckers for the things called fulfilment and purpose. And lastly, the fun out of it.

You may use the term “work-life balance”.

Though it’s a need for all the generations, for millennials, work-life balance isn’t optional, it is compulsory.

But don’t get it wrong, baby boomers and the generations before us, we also seek security.

Still from KPMG, a report written by Infosys and the Future Foundation in 2016 blares the horn loud and clear that millennials are anxious about their jobs.

Many don’t want to work for a start-up, but instead prefer the stability of a corporate job.

The study also found that 40% of millennials think their job will be outsourced or replaced by automation within the next five years.

In the same survey, job security was noted as one of the top priorities for employed and job-seeking millennials.

You see, it’s easy to misunderstand the newer generation and its career decision-making and how it settles in the corporate world.

Complicated is actually an understatement to describe them, us.

But again, the thing about complexity, as what Winston Churchill once said, “out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge”.

Ya ready?

It’s not something I’m proud of but, I don’t like planning ahead.

But no, it’s not because of the millennial thing or that I choose to live a reckless or directionless life. It’s just how I want to live my life.

And no, that does not include the details at work. Again, too complicated to explain but it’s simple, believe me.

I like surprises, and uncertainties excite me. It can freak me out as well but it awakens the butterflies inside me.

And I know it’s a good thing.

You know, that meet up with an old friend at the start of this piece was a good and funny example of how amazing life is. How it unfolds surprises, how it lets people cross the same paths and how it reveals the reasons why certain shitty things have to happen.

Whether you’re a baby boomer or a millennial and whether you like planning or not, may we all see the silver lining and may we all wait for the rainbow after the storm.

I don’t have any data with me to support that it’s best to not plan anything and am not sure if I’m making sense here but whatever, life is a paradox and life has prepared a lot of surprises, only if we allow it.

Now the question is, millennial or not, are you ready for what’s next?

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